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Guesting on “Sales & Cigars”
Walter Crosby does an amazing job preparing and guiding his guests through extremely relevant and topical conversations that the audience will bookmark for all time reference points. Walter was also a guest on my podcast, and he is equally talented as a guest as he is as a host.

Fun and valuable content!!!
I’ve been listening to Sales and Cigars and have found it awesome! Walter's choice of topics and guests make his podcasts relevant and fun. Outstanding, and valuable on so many levels!

Really loved how he works with the guests
Great show, and really liked how he is able to be nimble with the guests if other topics pop up he can adjust and pivot on the fly, to not only keep it on point but allow the guest to be seen and heard in different ways.

Fun show!
Walter brings a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of great information for sales teams and leaders. Well worth the time to listen.

Love it!
Walter brings out the best in each guest. The episodes are chocked full of great strategies and insights.

Great show great person with great questions to provide great Content
A show to listen to while enjoying a cigar or even if you don't have a cigar and want to learn something about the sales and marketing.

Enlightening conversations
I had the privilege of guesting on this podcast and I also have listened to several episodes. I love the conversational manner, storytelling and information each guest shares with Walter.

Can it get better?
I don’t know? I mean c’mon, sales and marketing talk while enjoying a cigar? How great is that. Like right up there with double mint gum. A double pleasure waiting for you.

With so many shows talking about the same thing over and over, this is refreshing and new!
Walter really takes some of the best conversation you normally would only have in person and bring them to his podcast. I mean who doesn’t love talking sales and cigars? I felt like I was at my favorite cigar lounge networking listing to this podcast!

Seasoned host, value driven conversation
It’s always valuable to listed to Walter and his guest share insights into sales leadership and marketing best practices. We’ll worth the add to your podcast library.

Great Conversations
My interview with Walter was great. It’s a laid back conversation about business. It’s the sharing of ideas, stories, lessons and tips that help those of us crazy enough to join the business community win the game. If you haven’t listened you should grab your cigar and a cup of great coffee and tune in.

Easy Listening Podcast
Walter does a really great job of having a conversation with his guests. Which in my opinion make for a much more interesting interview plus there are always great nuggets he gets from his guests. The cigar is a nice touch!

Walter is genuinely interested and seeks to learn from his guests. Love his style and approach

Great Show
Really like the way that show is conducted. Sales aren’t easy and it’s good here a professional share wisdom freely.

Just what you need
Walter is a walking sales encyclopedia! Listen to Walter and you’ll learn something on each and every episode. Enjoy!!!

Cigars and sales- two great topics
I love Walter Crosby's Sales and Cigars podcast because it combines two of my favorite topics into a powerful learning opportunity. Walter's skillful interviewing abilities brings out the best in his guests and makes this podcast worth listening to!

A podcast for sales professional
Great information to improve your skills in sales. Walter is a great host who bring out the best content from his guests.

WOW, Walter is a content rich host!
I've been the guest on many podcasts and the host makes sets the sail and guides the show. Walter is a deep and thought provoking Podcast host. His questions and follow up are very professional and helps to draw out more content from the guest. I found myself leaning in and digging deeper into my expereince to match the questions with seasoned answers. I highly recommend this podcast due to the depth of the questions Walter asks as well as the power and expertise of the guests.

A man who is on-brand
What a pleasure it is to connect with someone who has figured out what they were meant to do for their vocation. Walther Crosby has expertly combined his two passions, sales and cigars, into an informative, entertaining and thought-provoking podcast. Evern if you're not in sales and have no affinity for cigars smoking, it's worth a listen. You feel like an insider on conversations about life and work that matter. Bravo!

Authentic Sales Conversations
Insight like this into a variety sales professionals minds, processes and philosophies once took decades to acquire. Walter's podcast allows you to get incredibly useful information from verticals and corners of the sales sphere not easily accessed in the past.

Definitely worth a listen
I enjoy Walter’s conversational style with his guests as he shares relevant sales skills and points to consider.

Entertaining and actionable
A fun podcast to engage with and it has the added benefit of providing actionable insights you can apply today.

Good Thinking is Expensive
Good thinking is expensive but poor thinking will cost you a fortune. However, Walter is bringing together the best sales experts so you can experience phenomenal sales insights with a small investment of your time. Listening to this podcast has already helped me to sharpen my skills in key areas and will help you to do the same. Give it a listen, think about what’s being shared, and apply what you learn.

Well worth the time
I find Walters interview style to be both insightful and informative. He follows the interviewee down different paths without disrupting them, but just enjoying the journey! He is insightful, sometimes witty but always someone you can learn from. It was a pleasure to be on his show and also to listen to all of the other interviews that he has done and learn even more.

Great combination of guests and topics
Walter has really put together a great lineup of people who can share some great stories and sound advice on increasing your business revenues. All wrapped together with great cigars!

Real Results
Walter shares wisdom from someone who has been lived and excelled in the role. The conversations with his guests demonstrate the same approach he uses for helping CEO’s improve their sales organizations. Just have a nice conversation. Even though I’m not a cigar smoker, I find his approach and style refreshing.

Must listen for any new sales reps and even more valuable for veteran reps aspiring to management
I love sales. I love cigars. What’s better than learning more about both in the same podcast? Walter’s podcast has changed how I manage my sales discovery process, leading to less wasted time writing proposals for lukewarm prospects that weren’t properly qualified to begin with! Give it a listen and let it change your numbers!

Sales and Cigars
I've enjoyed Walter's podcasts from the very beginning and can honestly say that I have gotten something useful out of every episode. Whether you are a cigar afficionado or not, there are juicy nuggets packed in every show that all sales people will benefit from. Keep up the great work Walter, cheers!


Great Podcast!
Unique interviews with different types of guests all about sales tips and tricks.