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Aug. 13, 2020

The Meghan Markle detail too gross for a podcast title headline

We learned one thing from Finding Freedom that we probably didn't need to know. TMI. And is it not that people dislike Meghan b…

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Aug. 12, 2020

Meghan Markle took lessons on how to survive a kidnapping

With Finding Freedom now published we've learned all sorts of fun tidbits, including that Meghan (like many royals has taken less…

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Aug. 11, 2020

Happy Finding Freedom Day!

Finding Freedom has arrived! Meanwhile, Harry is worried about what Big Tech is doing with your data, and Meghan Markle is doing…

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Aug. 10, 2020

Kate and Wills hit the amusements...and we learn Harry's dog's name

We take a break from all the drama and enjoy a nice day at the seashore with Kate and William...and we find out the name of Harry…

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Aug. 7, 2020

Prince William is not allowed to tweet from the Kensington account

Let's take a break from Finding Freedom and Harry and Meghan and see what William has been up to. Looks like he's been guesting …

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Aug. 6, 2020

A good week for Meghan Markle

She's winning court cases, she's celebrating birthdays. And then there's Caring Kate.

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Aug. 5, 2020

For Harry and Meghan the bridges are burned

Mark takes a look at that OTHER new book about Harry and Meghan Markle. Meanwhile, Royal Sources say the bridges are burned and …

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Aug. 4, 2020

Does Finding Freedom make Harry and Meghan look better or worse?

If the goal of Finding Freedom was to cast Harry and Meghan Markle in a better light, did it actually work? And the Queen is not…

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Aug. 3, 2020

The Queen wants the brothers to figure this thing out!

Her Majesty would like her grandsons to settle this like adults. Thomas Markle says now is not the time to complain. The Beckha…

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July 31, 2020

Hearing from Harry

Harry checked in with the world. No he didn't discuss Finding Freedom. Also Tyler Perry dodges some Harry & Meghan questions. Pr…

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July 30, 2020

Harry goes along with whatever Meghan says

That's the opinion of Lady Colin Campbell who says ''In my opinion, Harry is a much less intelligent character than Meghan is,’ …

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July 29, 2020

Harry said I love you first!

Continuing to relish in Finding Freedom, today we take a look at the courtship of Harry and Meghan Markle. Pre-order Finding F…

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July 28, 2020

Meghan Markle: I gave up my entire life for this family

Reactions to Finding Freedom continue...and they do not seem good for Meghan Markle and Harry Pre-order Finding Freedom now! http…

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July 27, 2020

As expected, Finding Freedom is all the talk

There are excerpts from the Harry and Meghan book Finding Freedom...Mark has the details. Pre-order Finding Freedom now! https://…

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July 24, 2020

Will Meghan Markle run for President?

Will Meghan Markle run for President? Oh sure that's easy to dismiss but you don't have a podcast. And what happened to Meghan's …

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July 23, 2020

What can we learn from Meghan Markle's body language

I think we can all read between the lines during Meghan Markle's speeches, but what does her body language tell us.  Also we lear…

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July 22, 2020

Why didn't the cousins attend Beatrice's wedding?

You know who weren't at Beatrice's wedding?  Cousins Will and Harry.  But the main laugh is Captain Tom blowing off the Queen.

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July 21, 2020

The Crown will keep airing....does the Royal Family watch it?

The Crown will get its 6th season.  Do the Royals watch it?   Meanwhile, some speculation as to what Meghan Markle will do for a …

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July 20, 2020

The Queen lived through WWII, this isn't anything.

As our podcast sails the ebbs and flows of Meghan and Harry stories, perhaps the wisest reminder comes from a royal commentator t…

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July 17, 2020

Bulletin: Surprise, Beatrice got married!

It's a Surprise Royal Wedding!  Beatrice got married....

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July 17, 2020

Yes, Her Majesty was sending you a message Harry

A family photo.  The Queen isn't in it.  She had "scheduling conflicts."  She's THE QUEEN.  Discuss!

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July 16, 2020

Meghan Markle says the power is in our hands

In a speech, Meghan Marke said "Many of them, for better or worse, don’t listen until they have to . . . the status quo is easy t…

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July 15, 2020

Don't call the Queen Grandma even if she's your grandmother

A look at some rules the Royal Family has to follow, and some they don't.

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July 14, 2020

Why you shouldn't hide in the closet if you see Prince Charles coming

What to do and what NOT to do when you meet the Royal Family.   Say hi to Mark at thepalaceintrigue@gmail.com or @palaceintrigue1…

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