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Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and the Royal Family

Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and the Royal Family

A daily news podcast about the Royal Family. What's new with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the rest of the British Royal Family. Even Prince Andrew. It's like season 17 of The Crown in real time.

Recent Episodes

You'd love to be in charge of the Queen's toilet wouldn't you?

Jan. 28, 2022

You laugh at our episode title, but there was a time when you would have killed for that job. The details...

Is Netflix now giving Harry and Meghan a little push too?

Jan. 27, 2022

Seems like some of these big media companies would like Harry and Meghan to hand in some content. Meghan should have an animated series coming out...development looks like it is beginning.

Is Spotify giving Podcasters Harry and Meghan a little kick in the bum?

Jan. 26, 2022

Seems like Spotify is getting tired of waiting for episode 2 of Harry and Meghan's podcast. The details...

No Fourth Child for William and Kate

Jan. 25, 2022

The playful couple inhaled in some fun public Royal Banter in which they both made clear that three is enough.

Does Kate Middleton resemble a puppy?

Jan. 25, 2022

No we aren't calling Kate a dog, but she did seem to color match a puppy she was recently holding. Did teh Queen axe Andrew to sell merchandise? Is it best that Harry and Meghan don't come anyway?

Kate Middleton darkened her hair!

Jan. 21, 2022

So with the scandal surrounding Prince An....HEY LOOK KATE CHANGED HER HAIR!!!!!