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Jolly good

A great, quick listen for Royal updates. Love the added weekend podcasts!

My go to!

This is my daily go to for Paul the most important news related to the royal family. I love the short and concise way they do stories, and how they include almost all the Royals.

Gets to the Heart of the Day’s Royal News

With saturation of the market with tawdry stories about the unbalanced spare & mate, I find myself drawn to this succinct, honest summary of what’s being told by more verbose, attention-seeking sources! Thanks for honesty and brevity.

Love it! Respectful and Informative

Informative, timely and interesting. Royal news updates are timely and interesting. Love this podcast and highly recommend it.

On the contrary, I prefer this podcast over the others

I’m an American Millennial around the same age of Harry and William… I’ve always had an interest in their lives and well-being for as long as I can remember. I viewed them as my peers for many years, until they both got married and I realized the culture of their lives are nothing like mine. However, they’ve suffered the unfortunate human experience of tremendous loss, which does not discriminate, and I’d venture to assume they likely have never been given the permission to grieve in a way that is therapeutic for either of them… That being said, the reason I tune in for The Palace Intrigue every day is because it is a verbatim report of the Royal news… I don’t have the time to read all the articles like I used to, so I love a small briefing of the palace headlines every day, particularly now since we’re witnessing it all come to a head. Mark Francis relays all sides of palace updates without putting his opinion or “two cents” in, which lets me form my own opinion on the subject… which I always prefer. And tbh I love when he uses the “growl” voice when he is quoting someone… and how it gets even “growlier” when quoting Piers Morgan hahahaha!! Ultimately, I sincerely wish the best for this whole family… yes, some of them may be called “Prince” or “King”, but it’s obvious that they’re all hurting.. and without Queen Elizabeth and Diana, it seems as though they’re all feeling a little bit lost. I’m sending my love to them, truly.. And I’m happy that there have been far fewer ads these past few days… I got tired of fast-forwarding about the hotel casino…

Love it! Respectful and Informative

Informative, timely and interesting. The coverage of The Queen’s death has been very respectful and informative. Love this podcast and highly recommend it.

Fast RF Daily

I am so interested in the RF. I absolutely love this host, and hearing updates in this quick podcast. I’ve listened daily for a long time now, and really like it. It’s to the point, and not filled with fluff or commentary and dissection. I don’t need someone to explain it to me. Just tell me what’s up, and quickly. If I want “more”, I can go online and do my own research. It’s perfect!

Too many ads

The haters are Sugars who live to defend meghan at all costs. The host does absolutely nothing disrespectful or wrong as far as she’s concerned. (Sugars are insane.) Love the show but it’s all of 5 minutes - there are more ads than show. Come on guys!

Wonderful, real time news!

This is a wonderful show. I appreciate that Mr. Francis gives us the most up to date information in real time!

Love it! Respectful and Informative

Informative, timely and interesting. The coverage of The Queen’s death has been very respectful and informative. Love this podcast and highly recommend it.


I just listened to a few episodes of this podcast and I agree with your point of view especially regarding the way certain people plays the role of victim which is sickening.

Mark’s narration is always on point

Ive been a long time listener and love how He narrates well. The running time of this podcast is something I also look forward to, *goodtimes*

Love it!

Informative, timely and interesting. Love this podcast!

N Michele

Very Intriguing! I’m hooked

Love it!

Informative, timely and interesting. Love this podcast!

Bringing the Snark When it’s called for

Deeply respectful of the queen and other working royals doing good things but not afraid to bring the snark when calling out less stellar behavior of the aristocracy makes this my favorite podcast about royalty


Short, succinct and dry like a good martini.

The One “You know who” is NOT mentioned

Great episode! —and by the way Kate IS great 😊. Also, what an outstanding woman the queen is—much respect to the royal family. History, tradition and future service and duty.

Harry and Meghan

Great podcast. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. They report warts too. What exactly do Harry and Meghan hope to achieve with these additional claims of racism? Do they want the Queen to abdicate and make Meghan Queen? What do they really want? Sympathy? money? I don’t get it. All families say unkind things. If you say yours doesn’t you are lying Or no one has told you. I can’t divorce my grandma for not liking my husband I can only love her and time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

A bit of a chuckle

I like it, it’s fun, VERY tongue in cheek, so you must have a sense of humor about the Royals, ALL of them, to be able to handle listening (that rules out H & M as they take themselves way too seriously & just sue everyone or accuse them of bias if even the slightest eyebrow is raised at their behavior). I think it’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt, but still passes on facts in a minimal, humorous style.

Source of joy

This podcast brings me an absurd amount of joy. It has just the right amount of snark vs decorum, and it is short so I can listen to it on quick drives or in the shower (yes, you frequently shower with me, Mark Frances.) I would also love some longer in-depth episodes. Every day I get giddy anticipating the next episode, and if I realize it’s an episode-less weekend, a single solitary tear slides slowly down my cheek. Keep up the good work!


Informative, and the running jokes are entertaining

Best Royal Podcast On

It is brillant. All the other ones are like a gushing fan club. This one is brief and looks at the Royal Family with a gimlet eye. It also takes the piss out of everyone without being snarky. Ok. A little but all in good fun as only the Brits could do. Fair warning you must love true British humour and not the stuff that is put on for Americans. The moderator is truly wonderful especially when he does different intonations when quoting other people.

Short and fun!

Love the irreverent rundown of the daily news. Very amusing and impartial. As for the ads, gotta pay the bills! Fast forward 30 seconds.

Fun podcast for crown fans

I like your dry style and that you quote republic/graham smith rather than keeping it one sided. Fun and entertaining for american fans of the crown to get royal gossip without the usual syncophantism.


Enjoyable podcast. Brief, informative, and entertaining.

Your daily dose of British royal gossip and news

This podcast is informative and fun. The host and producer are clever and make each episode stand by itself. There’s a snarky bit of humor here and there, but overall, they remain very respectful to the role of Queen and the royal family. As a US fan of the royals with family ties to the UK, it is nice to hear about all the goings on across the pond. You know how some people can imagine Morgan Freeman narrating their life’s story? Well, I can now imagine the host of Palace Intrigue, Mark Francis, narrating my life in 4 minute snipets.

Love this daily brief

Love this podcast! All these authors need to donate a percentage point of all the profits they’ve made from so-called stories about Harry & Meghan to the various charities that the couple support.


Entertaining Royal news! However they definitely have a bias toward loving Harry and Meghan and throwing shade at those who criticize them. I like Harry and Meghan but they have made some major slip ups lately and there is more to their negative press than just media bias. I would like the podcast more if they were more balanced and told both sides of the story.