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Soul evolution!
Dr. Judith has a gentle and affirming way of bringing to light the struggles we have with ourselves. So many practical tips, thoughts, advice and engaging speakers to help us evolve our soul purpose!! ❤️

Great Podcast, a must listen
Dr.Holder gives great information based on both knowledge and personal experience. It was very relatable and I look forward to listening more. On my go to listeners.

Mastering Life’s Adventures
Dear Dr. Judith, God positioned you in my life & the launch of your podcast at this exact time to broaden my sight to what I already knew in my soul. I am choking back tears as I think of yet another long lesson that I was about to start yet another winding loop. You gave me the stillness to go down the road to hear my own voice. You are skilled with a broad array of expertise. Alongside your expertise, you bring a kindness, a humanness, that allows me, your listeners, to see that I/we don’t have to attain perfection; but rather, you show us that we too can step back into warp after falling out of warp. I so value walking this path with you. Thank you Judith🙏🏻❤️