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Feb. 14, 2023

Create Better Corporate Videos- Tony Gnau, episode 99

Create Better Corporate Videos- Tony Gnau, episode 99

EP 99. Emmy winner, author of "Lights, Camera, Impact" & video expert, Tony Gnau of T60Productions shares how to create more engaging corporate videos. Three core videos every company needs; tips to develop a video strategy to get alignment from others; and how to make better (less boring) testimonial videos.



Social media and the digital takeover has cemented video as a major marketing tool. It’s an amazing medium for brand storytelling, but many marketers don’t know how to craft a story with purpose. As you would with any marketing plan, you first need a strategy for producing and promoting content that engages the right audience.


Joining us on the show today is Tony Gnau, author of the best-selling book “Lights, Camera, Impact,” Emmy award-winning journalist, and founder of T60 Productions. He’s an expert in video storytelling, and has invaluable tips for developing a successful video strategy.


In this episode, you’ll learn common mistakes brands make and how to design a video storytelling plan. Tony also shares three core videos every company needs, the dos and don’ts of making a testimonial video, and how to handle key decision makers who are breaking the key rules of video storytelling.


It takes just 30 minutes to create a video storytelling plan, so tune in to get started!


  • When video is the right medium to use

  • Why Tony wrote his book, “Lights, Camera, Impact”

  • Core videos that can work for every business

  • How to make an interesting testimonial video

  • Getting into alignment with brand leaders before production

  • 5 steps to making a video plan

  • T60 Productions’s client process

  • Companies doing video storytelling well


  • Learn more about Tony Gnau’s video production company, T60 Productions, here!

  • Connect with Tony on LinkedIn, and buy his book, “Lights, Camera, Impact” on Amazon!

  • Good brand video example: Milwaukee Tool's Tool Shed Band on YouTube

  • Good brand video example: J.Crew’s behind-the-design series on YouTube



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