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Feb. 7, 2023

Smash Organizational Silos w Integrated Content Calendar - Annum, episode 98

Smash Organizational Silos w Integrated Content Calendar - Annum, episode 98

EP 98. How do you smash organizational silos to improve your storytelling marketing results? By creating an integrated content calendar. CEO of Annum, Patty Radford Henderson is on a mission to solve this top issue identified by CMOs. 



Do you work at a company that, despite good intentions, is suffering the consequences of the “silo” effect? When there’s a lack of communication between teams and departments, the result is a misalignment of company objectives and missed opportunities for marketing. 


Today’s guest, Patty Radford Henderson, is here to explain why silos happen and how to conquer them. Patty’s company, Annum, helps marketers plan smarter with an integrated marketing calendar. During this episode, she shares five tips to smash organizational silos based on her experience in the industry. 


Patty also discusses how her content planning model can help you find blind spots, build a prioritized content plan, and get the most out of every piece of content. You’ll get more insight into the benefits of using an integrated marketing calendar with an example of one brand that’s using Annum to work more efficiently towards a common goal. 


Tune in to find out more about how Annum can help your company achieve its marketing goals. 



  • Why companies struggle with having silos 

  • Setting holistic high level marketing objectives 
  • Patty’s content planning model 

  • Making the most of your content 

  • Tips to encourage collaboration and alignment within an organization 

  • Benefits of being in alignment 

  • How Annum helps teams break down silos

  • Annum’s integrated content planning workshops 



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Traction book that discusses EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating Systems:  

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Patty Radford Henderson is a senior marketing strategist, former agency owner, and startup founder who has spent her career helping brands create customer-centric content marketing programs. She’s worked with Aveda, Thomson Reuters, Red Wing Shoes, General Mills, Northwestern Mutual, Shinola and Medela and has held leadership positions at Target and Regis.  


Patty founded Annum in 2020 to help marketers plan smarter. Annum's workshops align teams around common language and integrated planning frameworks to break down silos and foster better collaboration. Annum’s integrated marketing planning calendar brings all initiatives, channels, and tactics into one unified view so marketers can see everything that’s in market, identify opportunities and gaps, create stronger integrated plans, and deliver better outcomes. 



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