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Jan. 19, 2021

Non-Profit Video Storytelling Tips — Mary Knox Miller, episode 13

Non-Profit Video Storytelling Tips — Mary Knox Miller, episode 13

Why and how you can add video to your organization’s communications toolkit. Advice for non-profits from Mary Knox Miller. Why video is a must when it comes to building community, engaging with your community, and especially fundraising.



Mary Knox is an expert in visual communications, multimedia creation, project management, and digital asset management. An international photojournalist turned heart-centered educator, Mary-Knox spends her days filming faculty and students as the Assistant Director of Multimedia for Harvard Business School’s MBA Program.  


She’s also the Founder of, where she's on a mission to empower nonprofits with the tools of video and the art of storytelling. Her passion is helping mission-driven organizations tell their story + connect with their audience, one human being at a time. 




  1. Mary Knox Miller's background as an international photojournalist to video expert, and work at Harvard Business School's MBA program and owner of her own non-profit video coaching company at

  2. What a day-in-the-life looks like as Assistant Director of Multimedia at Harvard Business School’s MBA program.  What multimedia outlets Mary Knox oversees.

  3. What have you learned about using video storytelling to help attract and engage students at the MBA-level? 

  4. Any recent content wins you’d like to share?

  5. What are the main storytelling struggles you hear from your nonprofit clients?

  6. An example of how video storytelling helps build community and support.

  7. Mary Knox's new online course called the Video Nonprofit Lab and her signature L.I.F.T. method to help nonprofit communicators.

  8. What would you say to the person listening right now that wants to do more video storytelling, but isn’t for one reason or another? 

  9. Where Mary Knox finds creative inspiration from.

  10. Mary Knox shares a mistake she's learned from in her career that you can learn from too.

  11. The one thing Mary Knox wants you to do to is email your video to her for reaction-- seriously! Listen to find out how you can score some free advice.







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