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May 2, 2023

How StoryBrand Clarifies Marketing Messages, episode 110

How StoryBrand Clarifies Marketing Messages, episode 110

Podcast EP 110. What is the StoryBrand marketing framework, and how can it help you clarify your marketing messages so you stop wasting millions of dollars and thousands of hours talking about the wrong things? Why does Sarah love this framework so much she decided to become a Certified StoryBrand Guide herself? Sarah answers all your Qs, so you can decide how to infuse StoryBrand to help make your content marketing clearer and more effective every single day. 



Donald Miller’s book, Building a StoryBrand, has been a wonderful tool in my brand storytelling toolkit for a couple years now. This book has been, and still is, a great resource, but I wanted to take things a little further and decided it was finally time to take the steps to become a Certified StoryBrand Guide. This is exactly what I did and want to share my knowledge with all of you! 


In this episode, I’m answering all your questions regarding StoryBrand and why I invested in the intensive training. Including, what does it mean that I’m a Certified StoryBrand Guide? How can I help clarify your marketing messages? 


You’ll hear testimonials from my clients, and learn what new services I can provide to help you level up your storytelling and drive better results. 


If you’re a storyteller or content marketer, tune in now and then go back to episode 14 to find out more about the StoryBrand process and framework! 



  • How StoryBrand’s 7-part marketing framework can help clarify your company's marketing messages  

  • Why I decided to become a Certified StoryBrand Guide 

  • Testimonials of working together

  • What I learned from my certification that’s not in Donald Miller’s book 

  • My new StoryBrand services announcement

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She’s a brand storytelling consultant, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy® (top 5% of all marketing podcasts), Certified StoryBrand Guide, and owner of Kindred Speak® consulting. Sarah works with clients by either doing the work for them through her freelance consulting services; OR, coaching them to think like Editorial Content Directors in one of her online courses. Visit to learn more. 


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