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Jan. 31, 2023

Do This to Gather Deeper Consumer Insights – April Siefert, episode 97

Do This to Gather Deeper Consumer Insights – April Siefert, episode 97

EP 97. Blend psychology and research with marketing to get deeper insights on your consumers, and empower your brand storytelling marketing efforts. Take the guesswork out of what to create. Guest expert, and Sprocket founder and President, April Seifert Ph.D helps companies understand their consumers even better, and then translate research findings into tangible action steps. 



Consumer insights can make the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a futile waste of resources, but some brands don’t know how to make use of the data they’ve collected. Companies like Sprocket, a consumer and fan insight firm, are getting deeper level consumer insights to help brands translate research findings into tangible action steps.


Dr. April Seifert is co-founder and president of Sprocket, applying her research expertise and psychology background to uncover unique insights beyond the basic consumer profile. They answer the “because” question, finding out key information like what motivates consumers and what’s standing in their way.


In today’s episode, expect to learn the ways marketers can collect useful data, and some important aspects to creating a strategically designed instrument for data collection. You’ll learn all the benefits these next-level insights can have for a company’s marketing and storytelling, and hear an example of a large brand that’s utilizing their consumer insights in the right way.


Data is useful for all brands big and small, so everyone should be listening to this interview!



  • What brands are doing wrong, according to April

  • How Sprocket gets their consumer insights

  • 4 insights to understand customers on a deeper level

  • The art of crafting the right survey questions

  • Translating research into action

  • First steps in the Insight for Action framework

  • One Sprocket client who successfully applied their consumer insights

  • Consumer behavior changes post-pandemic

  • Sprocket’s new podcast and Missy’s passion project


Learn more about April’s consumer and fan insight company, Sprocket, and schedule an Insight for Action session to get stakeholders aligned:


Sprocket’s new podcast, Insight for Action PodcastCOMING SOON 


Listen to April’s podcast, Building Psychological Strength:



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April Seifert, Ph.D., is the President of Sprocket, a Minneapolis-based consumer and fan insight firm. After receiving her doctorate in Experimental Psychology, April went on to a successful career in applied research before founding Sprocket in 2017. She is best known among her clients and colleagues for her creative and collaborative nature and her ability to translate research findings into tangible action steps. In her spare time, April enjoys wine, cooking, and collecting random licenses and certifications, including her PADI Open Water SCUBA certification and her AFF Skydiving A License.



Sarah Panus is a brand storytelling marketing strategist, Minnesota mom, and owner of Kindred Speak, LLC, a remote consultancy that helps corporations attract upper-funnel leads that drive bottom-funnel results through storytelling. Her mission is to add value to the world by humanizing brand+consumer connections. Her online courses teach content professionals inside corporations how to think like Editorial Directors to drive stronger results while enjoying their jobs more. She’s spent the last 20 years helping brands including Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle Waters, Christos Bridal, Game Crazy, Cone Inc, and others, speak a kindred language with their audiences, driving brand advocacy and millions in revenue and brand engagements. Learn more at


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