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Jan. 10, 2023

Behavior Economics: Predict Shopping Trends & Product Packaging — Siena Dexter, episode 94

Behavior Economics: Predict Shopping Trends & Product Packaging — Siena Dexter, episode 94

Behavior economics expert, Siena Dexter from Smashbrand, shares current trends in consumer shopping behaviors; and, how storytelling plays a role in product packaging to help ensure our products are a best seller off the shelf now and in the future. How these things can help predict retail behavior at point of sale, ultimately helping you connect with your customers to achieve business goals. 



Societal shifts are inevitable, and changes the way we communicate and function, having an undeniable impact on what’s important to consumers. As marketers, part of our job is to connect what’s going on in the world, and in the mind of consumers, to find a brand’s purpose. 


Joining host Sarah Panus today to discuss this topic is Siena Dexter, leader and behavior economist at SmashBrand. They find quantifiable ways to predict human behavior, then apply it to each brand’s mission. This information is crucial for brands, especially when it comes to storytelling in a changed, post-pandemic world. 


During this episode, Siena explains behavior economics and shares her thoughts on current trends in consumer shopping behaviors. She also dives into the subject of product packaging, and the role it plays in the connection between brand and consumer. 


Listen in to better understand behavior economics, and learn how both strategy and creative teams can come together to find magic! 



  • Siena defines behavior economics 

  • Trends in consumer shopping behavior and changes post-covid 
  • The lipstick effect and the recession 

  • How storytelling and product packaging come together 

  • Connecting magic to logic 

  • Examples of brands that connect with their audience through packaging 

  • How can brands better predict consumer behavior? 
  • Team collaboration in brand storytelling 


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