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March 21, 2023

5 Top Personal Care Tips for Marketers from Last 2 Years, episode 103

5 Top Personal Care Tips for Marketers from Last 2 Years, episode 103

EP 103. You do a lot. As someone working in the content marketing space, you can't do great, creative storytelling work if you're personally not feeling your best. Right? Today's episode is part four of our 100th episode celebration, and recaps 5 of Sarah's favorite personal self-care guest tips from the last two years. What you deserve to know about your body, so you can lean into your God-given talents with joy each and every day. 



One of the first things we do as marketers when landing a new client or starting a project is assess the situation for problems and come up with solutions. We set aside time and nurture relationships in order to thrive in business, but often forget to apply this energy to our own well-being.


In this episode, host Sarah Panus shares some of the best personal care tips for marketers she’s learned from multiple guests over the past 2 years. There is a symbiotic relationship between our health and professional success, so you’ll want to take notes.


From holding yourself accountable and listening to your body, to discovering the power of mindset and breathwork, you’ll walk away with priceless guidance to take care of yourself and be a better storyteller.


Listen in now if you need help managing fatigue, burnout, or stress!


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Sarah Panus is a brand storytelling marketing strategist, StoryBrand Certified Guide, and owner of Kindred Speak, LLC, a remote consultancy that helps corporations attract upper-funnel leads that drive bottom-funnel results through storytelling. Her mission is to add value to the world by humanizing brand+consumer connections. Her online courses teach content professionals inside corporations how to think like Editorial Directors to drive stronger results while enjoying their jobs more. She’s spent the last 20 years helping brands including Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle Waters, Christos Bridal, Game Crazy, Cone Inc, and others, speak a kindred language with their audiences, driving brand advocacy and millions in revenue and brand engagements. Learn more at


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