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Pure awesome!
Just love these too. They are all feel good vibes and while discussing subjects that are powerful and enlightening ! Love listening to them to and from work to brighten my day and get me to think! Keep doing you girls!

Uplifting while keeping it real!
I just tuned in, starting with episode 30. Betsy and Laura have a great conversational style, they make you feel like you're part of the conversation, while asking the questions you want to know the answers to. Best part, they keep it real. They cut through the glamour of entrepreneurship and get to the nitty gritty of what it's like to be in side gig or start-up hustle mode. They talk about the benefits and rewards but also show what it takes to really become an entrepreneur through their thought provoking questions. Bravo! -John (host of Moving Forward)

Excited for more!
I just got to dive into the first episode and I love your backgrounds and your genuine desire to keep people living healthy lives! This is going to encourage and inspire me and so many others! Keep it up!

So Inspiring
If you are looking for great conversation and some inspiring women, look no further. This podcast is fantastic!

Love it!
Super relaxing and just what I need! Awesome!

These podcasts are so well done and really help me. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in health and wellness!! They are fantastic!!

Excited to keep listening to this podcast!

Love Love Love!!
I'm so digging this podcast by Laura and Betsy! The topics have been great so far and I'm really really enjoying the content and discussions.

Uplifting and Informative
Love these ladies! They've got fantastic content with soul. So helpful. Thank you lovelies!

All Things Wellness!
Such a helpful and insightful podcast! I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the content you are putting out there and can’t wait for more! Thank you!

Amazing download this now
Not only are there some really interesting topics being discussed but there I definitely learned a few things as well. This is a great way to spend 30 minutes and it would be a high recommend!

Refreshing convos!
Listening to these 2 ladies talk about well-being and having honest conversations around living a “luscious life” is refreshing. Uplifting and encouraging - the topics they’re covering are so needed. Really enjoyed their topic on fear. I can’t wait to hear more from Laura and Betsy!!

Love this podcast! What an amazing way to enlighten coaches, wellness warriors, coaching clients or anyone interested in health and wellness. I look forward to listening every Tuesday. Well done ladies!!

Love this podcast!
So excited about this podcast. Laura and Betsy are awesome and touching on subjects that are inspiring and fun. Can't wait to keep listening!!