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April 23, 2024

How to Teach Students to Read (Darlene Farrace-Prott)

As Darlene Prott - Founder and CEO of NJ Teacher 2 Teacher says, we may think students should be able to read once they pass third grade but we may want to think again especially if we are supporting multi-lingual learners.


Students may be able to decode words by 3rd grade but do they truly understand and can they make meaning of and draw connections from what they are reading?


In this episode, Prott and I discuss how teachers - particularly cross content teachers grades 4 and up - can help students deconstruct what they are reading while also improving student vocabulary development in ways that are visible to the teacher. In particular, we discuss the importance of using annotation codes with students as they read as well as whole group read alouds across K12.


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