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June 4, 2024

How to Create Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics (Peter Liljedahl/Norman Eng)

In an earlier episode, we spoke with Alice Vigors about her work in creating cross-content thinking classrooms.


In this episiode, we speak with Professor Peter Liljedahl, of Simon Fraser University, about how to create thinking classrooms in Mathematics - primarily K-6 - where students are doing the heavy cognitive lift as opposed to teachers.


Join me and my guest co-host Norman Eng, student teaching supervisor at Brooklyn College/CUNY, as we chat with Peter about:


- The 14 practices associated with a thinking Math classroom (macro/micro moves);

- Exemplars of what a thinking Math classroom looks like;

- How a thinking classroom differs from traditional models of teaching (i.e. the I Do, We Do, You Do Model);

- How teacher practice shifts from answering questions to asking them and having students make meaning of learning before direct instruction;

- How to prepare student teachers in this alternative methodology


Peter Liljedahl - Building Thinking Classrooms Website

Building Thinking Classrooms Book

Norman Eng - 10X Your Teaching Website

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