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March 19, 2024

How to Make K12 Math Accessible (Jo Boaler)

How to Make K12 Math Accessible (Jo Boaler)

In this episode of the Have a Life Teaching Podcast, Jo Boaler, Stanford Math education professor and author of ther new book "Math- ish", and I discuss how to make Math instruction more accessible to students in K12 schools.

Math learning can cause unnecessary anxiety if it is taught only abstractly rather than in a way that connects it to the world in which we live and helps to explain it. We chat about the value that comes from K12 students discussing what they think Math represented pictorally may mean - even if imprecise. We also discuss the importance of students reflecting upon the Math thinking of peers.

We also touch upon new Math learning pathways - transitioning from an Algebra/Calculus track in high school to one that more so incorporates courses on Statistics and Data Analysis.

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