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May 29, 2024

How to Develop Community Partnerships through PBL - Part II (Carolyn Brown/Rose Reiken)

Earlier this week, we chatted with Ryan Steuer and Andrew Larson about the mechanics of embedding PBL within our teaching practice.

This week, we speak with Carolyn Brown, Acting VP of the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, and Rose Reiken, middle school teacher at High Tech High in San Diego, about their PBL unit collaboration.

Learn more in this episode about how Carolyn and Rose partnered on a project that benefited both the museum, in improving the youth engagement factor of their public tours, and Rose's students in their understanding of Japanese American internment during WW2 and human rights issues. Also learn about the intergenerational bonds formed between the docents at the museum and Rose's 7th grade students.


Carolyn Brown LinkedIn Page

Rose Reiken LinkedIn Page

High Tech High - Middle MESA

Japanese American Museum of San Jose


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