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March 12, 2024

How to Prioritize DEI in Schools Part II (Roxie J. Patton)

How to Prioritize DEI in Schools Part II (Roxie J. Patton)

In this episode of the Have a Life Teaching Podcast, Roxie Patton, Founder of RJ Consulting and Coaching, and I continue our conversation on the importance of having educators who understand the students and families they serve.

Since many educators no longer live in the communites where they teach, this becomes a particularly important consideration within teaching. Roxie and I discuss ways through which educators might combat the internal biases they may have of others/their students as well as how school administration can proactively develop inclusive school communities.

Roxie and I also discuss how schools might better provide inclusive environments for educators - those who may be neurodivergent and/or require physical accomodations themselves and why we want these diverse educators on our payrolls.

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