Oct. 14, 2022

The Haunting History and Ghosts of Chillingham Castle with Diane Chambers

The Haunting History and Ghosts of Chillingham Castle with Diane Chambers
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Joining me in today’s podcast is Diane Chambers as we discuss Chillingham Castle situated in Northumberland. Chillingham Castle boasts some of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country, with a large collection of spectres and apparitions spotted by visitors over the years. It also has a haunted history to match....

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Diane ChambersProfile Photo

Diane Chambers

Paranormal Investigator

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Diane was the youngest of three siblings.
She always had a fascination with the ' supernatural' from an early age experiencing her first ghostly encounter at the age of five or six in her grandparents Victorian house close to Clapham Junction.
At around aged fifteen she would begin to explore the paranormal and by her late twenties due to an experience with a 'ghost' she stepped away for approximately twelve years. Her interest was rekindled and feeling better equipped to deal with the negative aspects of investigating she soon got involved again.
Her first visit to Chillingham Castle was in September 2012 and she proceeded to visit virtually every year since, sometimes twice.
To Diane, Chillingham Castle is truely how we can perceive a medieval castle to appear today.