Introducing the Podpage 3.0 Dashboard

The next evolution of Podpage is here, with the new dashboard launching into beta today!

Today, we're thrilled to launch the new Podpage Dashboard, a big step into the third major iteration of Podpage to help you build the perfect podcast website.

The last major iteration for Podpage launched June 17, 2021 when we launched 2.0. A lot has changed under the hood since then. Most notably, we've added so many features that our existing dashboard started to feel overwhelming and confusing. So today, we're cleaning it up and making room for a lot of improvements you'll see in the future.

The biggest thing you'll notice is the dashboard organization has been changed. Instead of a left bar, you'll see a few links at the top. Here are the new sections and what you can find in them:

New Dashboard


Here is where you'll find the core design tools for your website. This used to be hidden in the Website → Page Designer section of the dashboard. Now it's front and center.


This is where the content you're posting to your website will set. It's the core content that people visit your website to see. It includes:

  • Episodes
  • Reviews
  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Guests
  • Custom Pages
  • Pretty Redirects
  • Downloadable Files


In here, we'll be providing ways for you to grow your audience. We've got plans to expand this tool set, but to get you started there are ways to have your site stand out and connect you with other podcasters.

  • Search Optimization. Fully optimize your website for great search engine ranking. We've recently added Yoast SEO-level tools to help you rank as high as possible. 
  • Podcaster Network. Grow your audience by recommending other podcasters. Register now for the Podcaster network, which will be launching soon!
  • Post To Social Media. Automatically post new episodes and reviews to social media accounts.
  • Zapier. Automatically send content posted on your Podpage to Zapier.


These are tools to connect with the listeners who are coming to your website. One of the best reasons to have a website is to connect directly with your audience, so this gives you an opportunity to do that. In here you'll find:

  • Email Capture. Collect email addresses from your listeners and build a mailing list.
  • Contact Form. Here directly from your listeners without giving out your email address.
  • Voicemail. Receive voice messages from your listeners.
  • Commenting. Turn on comments across the pages of your website.


Here you'll find our growing list of tools to monetize your content. This is going to be a big focus for us in the future, so we're excited to make some more room for it. In this section you'll see:

  • Sponsors. List your sponsors publicly so your listeners can find them easily.
  • Donations & Memberships. Ask users to support your show by making a donation.
  • Advertising. Configure adding Google Adsense display ads across your website.
  • Storefront. List items you have for sale elsewhere or connect to your online store.
  • Private Feed Support. Hide media on the site so listeners subscribe to your private feed.


This is where you'll find all the things you need to set up and then probably never need again, such as settings for your custom domain, podcast feed, 301 redirects, and much more. 

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Podcast Info
  • Podcast RSS Feed
  • Activity List
  • Website User Access
  • Hosts / Team
  • Podcast Player Links
  • Social Links
  • Analytics
  • 301 Redirects
  • Integrations
  • Advanced Settings

New Features

Today's release focuses mostly on the new dashboard, but inside you will find some new sections and goodies.

Message Inbox

Historically, we just forward messages from your contact form to your email. However, now there's a way to look through those messages directly inside Podpage. In the contact form section, you'll see a message inbox of all the messages that have been left for you.

Keep an eye out here for ways to flag messages as spam and other management actions

Customize the size and weight of heading fonts

You can now easily update the size of your section headings across your entire site. This gives you a lot more flexibility with our templates and should make it even easier for you to design a website that fits the brand and feel you're going to.

Guest Edit Links

Have a bunch of incomplete guest profiles on your site? Now, under the guest profile, you'll see a secret link you can share with the guests to make it possible for them to fill out their profile after the fact! Head over to the Guest List page you'll see new share links to send to your guests.

More to come!

We're putting the pedal down when it comes to making the Podpage experience better and making it a more powerful tool for building the perfect podcast website. Please send feedback as you have it!


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