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Our customers love that they can build a beautiful, listener-friendly podcast website in 5 minutes, customize the design to create a professional look you’ll be proud of in a few clicks, and there’s no coding or technical knowledge necessary.

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Dave Jackson

"Podpage looked at what podcasters needed in a website, and then gave it to us. It's simple. It's powerful, and makes great looking websites. Quit trying to make a square peg fit into a roud hole. This is made for podcasters. You'll save your money. You'll save your time, and you'll save your sanity (no updating WordPress every 30 minutes!). Now I can spend more time making content, and not fussing with my website."

Dave Jackson

Dave runs the School of Podcasting and hosts a bunch of Podcasts. He hosts Logical Loss and Akron Podcast on Podpage. In 2018 he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame.
Josh Kaplan

"Podpage is exactly what a podcaster needs. It makes adding new episodes, creating SEO value, and hosting your own content SO easy. When we are all figuring out how to engage beyond the RSS feed, this should be your first step. There are already so many features and customizations and I can't wait to see (and be a part) of the platform's growth."

Josh Kaplan

Josh does Strategy & Operations at Morning Brew and uses Podpage to host the website for Morning Brew Daily.
Kevin Rose

"Podpage built what I believe to be the best podcast website builder out there. I'm going to use it for my shows, solves a ton of pain points."

Kevin Rose

Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." He is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and long time podcaster. He hosts The Kevin Rose Show and True Venture's Foundation on Podpage.

Podpage Reviews

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ELITE since Oct 2023

One less thing to have to worry about.

Podpage has made creating the necessary website for a podcast the easiest part of the process. I just tweak things here and there... it’s so easy, anyone could do it. Seriously, I love working with Podpage. Thanks, guys!

PRO since Sep 2021

Effective, Clean and Simple To Use!

It's become super important to send our listeners to a website we control. We needed a single place for our listeners and viewers to land to catch our latest pod, and this was it! Podpage has the ability to create a feed of all your audio and video content and serve up your listeners with the latest info as well as capture email addresses to stay in contact with them.

PRO since Dec 2021

Podpage is brilliant and spectacular

No muss, no fuss. I love that Podpage is so simple from my end, meaning it does all the hard work behind the scenes. It is seriously the most effortless part of producing Platemark, my pod about fine art prints and the printmaking ecosystem. Thanks to Brenden and his crew for making it so easy.

PRO since Jun 2022

You have enough things to worry about. But a website isn't one

My podcast is growing, and I'm always discovering more work for myself. Got Podpage early on, and the site was up in minutes. When they announced they were removing the free site, I upgraded without a second thought. Its very worth it!

PRO since Dec 2020

Podcasting Websites Made Easy…Really Easy

Podpage makes it trivially easy to set up a functional, clean-looking website for your podcast. The ability to customize social media images, and the automatic cross-posting to social media, is a time-saver. The automatic short URLs both help me keep track of episode numbers and save me valuable characters on services like Twitter/X.

PRO since Jan 2023

Serious podcasters need a dedicated podcast website. Podpage makes that simple.

For the first few years of my podcasting journey, I had a webpage buried within my existing website that focused on my podcast. That meant if you already knew who I was or were actively searching for my podcast, the information was out there, but being discovered by new listeners using a page nestled cozily inside another website was not happening.

As I started focusing on growing my podcast, it became clear that I needed a focused website specifically for Meditation Conversation. I chose Podpage because it was recommended by podcasters I trust. I have found Podpage is incredible for SEO, making my podcast much easier to find online. I find that when I search through Google for a guest I've had on and linked to my Podpage, my episode is often very close to the top of the results. I even had one guest who had been on ask me to remove her last name on her episode because she wanted to focus on a part of her business that was not related to the topic of our interview, and her searches on herself kept pulling that interview to the top - lol!

I also love that Podpage seamlessly pulls reviews from Apple, allows people to give their reviews directly on my site, and encourages people to sign up for my emails. I have had many people submit their email from Podpage, which makes it so much easier for me to connect back with my listeners. The way you can add the YouTube video, transcript, sponsors, and guest backlinks is so smart, easy, and powerful. I love my Meditation Conversation website, and it is super easy to maintain on my side.

I have also been happy with customer support when I have questions. Thank you, Podpage! Keep up the great work!

ELITE since Dec 2020

Great bundle-place for your podcast!

Podpage effortlessly bundles all your needs for your podcast! It connects all your social media in one place, links all your podcast apps in one place, and creates a convenient one-stop hub for ALL your listeners! Your supporters can leave voicemails, write reviews, and the list goes on! There's so much you can get out of Podpage—just sign up, folks!

PRO since Sep 2020

Podpage started out as great and has just gotten better over time!

I was thrilled when I found Podpage over three years ago while launching my podcast. The functionality and professional look were awesome. What has impressed me even more is that Podpage has continued to improve, adding more features and value for its members. I absolutely love this site and wholeheartedly recommend it to all podcasters!

PRO since Jun 2022

Podpage has been a fantastic platform to help me grow my podcast :)

They built a website for me that is just great so far! It has everything I need. Their customer service is on point as well! They respond quickly and have answered all my questions thus far :) The site offers lots of options I have yet to use, which is offering me many opportunities for growth! Thanks!!

PRO since Aug 2020

Great time saver. Does everything and more!

First started using Podpage when my website host stopped trading. Podpage did everything I needed it to do, and the bonus is it sets episode pages up automatically from my RSS. Seriously good facility which improves continuously.

PRO since Nov 2020

A Game Changing and Must Have Tool!!

I have been a radio broadcaster for 31 years, and when I started my podcast, I knew I would need help with a website. I looked around at some of the usual suspects, but none were tailored to podcasters, per se. That is—until I found Podpage. Podpage is a GAME CHANGER. They make everything flawless, easy, and very intuitive for both creators and the fan base! The older I get, the simpler I want things, and I am happy to say Podpage makes it as easy as it could be. And yet...they KEEP improving themselves! They frequently update options and features, and they are worth every single penny. Don't even think about it. If you have a podcast, you really need Podpage.

PRO since Aug 2022

This is EXACTLY the format of website that a podcast NEEDS!!

We were so excited when we found Podpage for our podcast's home base. It's simple to use, has LOADS of functionality, and is very affordable. We are still a smaller podcast, but we are seeing that 35% of our listeners stream from our WEBSITE!!! So having this brilliantly formatted hub for our program is invaluable. Thank you so much for creating this resource. We are so glad you are on our team!

PRO since Dec 2020

I'm already a raving fan of Podpage

I found out about Podpage through one of my podcast guests, who owns one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the world. Let that sink in - he has a global team of designers and developers and he uses Podpage for his digital marketing podcast website.

Thank God he told me about it. I've absolutely loved it so far, because, here's the thing:

Sure - anyone can start a podcast because the start-up costs are low. But once you start, the expenses (and time) add up QUICKLY.

Podcasters on a budget have to do everything themselves (time consuming) or hire people (expensive). There's a lot that goes into producing a weekly podcast, IE: researching, scripting, recording, booking guests, reviewing, editing, creating content, promoting, writing podcast show notes and blog posts, etc...

Podpage takes care of a lot of the headache and time drain of updating your podcast's website every week by completely automating it and aggregating all the links plus Patreon and PayPal donation buttons (prominently) in one place.

Podpage is also SEO-optimized, which helps with search results. It's fully customizable, it's affordable, and it's easy to use for non-techy, creative people like myself.

PRO since May 2022

Podpage...simple, intuitive, and the answer to your prayers. Drop the mic

When starting my podcast, friends of mine said I also needed a website to promote it. Seriously, the work in doing a podcast eats enough of my time as it is. Didn't have time to code and whatever I needed to do in creating a website.

I was told I would find Podpage easy and would make my marketing campaigns easier to implement.

Ok, I took the dive.

After signing up and migrating my podcast material over to Podpage, I was gobsmacked! Within a few minutes I was provided with a clean and nicely designed website...minutes!

The Podpage DESIGN section, holding the tools to edit your site looks complex, but it's so darn intuitive. Very simple and robust, without question.

Forget those other podcast website companies, Podpage is ALL you're going to need. The company continues to innovate and provide a ton of features that truly provide 'added value' and not fluff.

To my friends who recommended I sign up with Podpage, a hundred high-fives!

PRO since May 2021

So easy and so good! Basically effortless!

I am always looking for things that require the least amount of time to learn, deal with, or fuss over — and Podpage is a dream in that regard! It was so easy to set up and effortless to maintain. Although I am sure there are further benefits if you want to invest more time in it, if you are maxed out on technology like I am, Podpage does everything for you!

ELITE since Jul 2022

A simple to use but powerful tool to help with owning your podcast real estate!

In the early days of my podcasting journey, I faced a dilemma. I either had to invest a fortune in setting up a complex website on WordPress, which proved challenging to yield satisfactory results, or settle for a basic and unappealing site on Moonfruit. The latter provided minimal enhancements for the podcast listener's experience. Enter Podpage, the ultimate solution. It combines the simplicity of setup and building found in Moonfruit with the quality and functionality characteristic of a well-designed WordPress site.

I wholeheartedly recommend Podpage to fellow podcasters aiming to elevate their podcast's online presence.

PRO since Oct 2021

Podpage is the simple and powerful way to host your podcast website

Podpage stands out as a remarkably intuitive and efficient platform for podcast distribution. Its design is both sleek and user-friendly, making the process of managing a podcast incredibly straightforward.

From the moment I started using Podpage, I was impressed by how much time and effort it saved me. The seamless integration with various podcast platforms ensures that episodes are distributed quickly and efficiently, reaching a wider audience with minimal hassle.

The dashboard is well-organized, offering easy access to essential features like analytics, episode management, and listener engagement tools. What sets Podpage apart is its commitment to simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting, Podpage provides an all-in-one solution that's both effective and enjoyable to use.

The design excellence of Podpage truly enhances the podcasting experience, allowing creators to focus more on content creation and less on the technicalities of building and maintaining a website.

ELITE since Apr 2022

I'm a Podcast Producer, Not a Web Master -- Thank you Podpage!

I love producing podcasts. I hate coding websites. Enter Podpage! Podcasts are automatically populated on release, and all I have to do is pop in a transcript and some keywords. Fantastic! I love that there are short URLs based on episode #, and that episodes are easily searchable via category tags. The interface is clean and simple, and there are just enough opportunities for customization. If and when I do have a problem, I love that I can send a question on the chat button, and it's always answered quickly ... by a human! Great service.Thank you.

PRO since Sep 2020

Podpage: The Ultimate Tool to Showcase Your Podcasts

In the dynamic realm of podcasting, a compelling online presence is vital, and Podpage emerges as a game-changer. With its seamless platform, customization options, SEO optimization, episode management, integrated monetization, and insightful analytics, Podpage stands out as an indispensable tool for podcasters. It's a comprehensive solution that elevates your podcasting journey, unlocking the full potential of your content. Highly recommended!

PRO since Oct 2022

Attractive podcast website in a few minutes

When I was looking around for a podcast website host, a podcast community I am on reccomended podpage. I found it really easy to set up and personalise the website in just a few minutes. I continue to make some tweaks every season and find it very user friendly. It also ranks well in Google search.

ELITE since Jan 2022

Podpage: Simple and Effective + More than reasonably priced

I'm not a 'computer person,' when searching for a site to host our Taiwan History podcast, Formosa Files, I was very glad to discover Podpage because using it is straightforward. What's more, when I email them for support, they almost always get back to me promptly. I've encountered a few issues and, especially after upgrading, discovered a plethora of easy-to-use features that align perfectly with the needs of our show. While other sites have approached us seeking to poach, we're sticking with Podpage for all the reasons listed above.

PRO since Jan 2021

Podpage is a Great Tool; highly Recommend!

Podpage has been great for managing episodes, links to stores, and their customer service is fantastic! The upgrades to the platform over the past few years have made it a stronger tool for podcasters and authors like myself.

PRO since Oct 2020

Really easy to setup and looks great!

I joined when Podpage had just launched. I found Brenden and the team to be very helpful and I was able to setup my podcast page very easily. I highly recommend this to any podcaster looking to have a web presence!

PRO since Nov 2021

Easiest & Best Website I've Put Up To Date

What a great experience Podpage has been! From the quick setup and content import to the customizable features and easy management and maintenance, this has been a pleasure. Plus, new features are added all the time, and there's a good community group and thread for support and sharing ideas. It helps me spend more time focused on creating a great show and less time worrying about deployment, publishing, and marketing.

ELITE since Sep 2023

Podpage is Terrific, Comprehensive and Even a Beginner Can Enjoy It

I am enjoying Podpage, and it makes our podcast look very professional and organized. Podpage is a good-looking product that pulls together many of the elements that podcasters require to publish on schedule.

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