How to monetize your podcast on your podcast website

If you monetize your audience in any way (advertising, memberships, or donations), make sure that's prominently displayed on your website!

Let’s talk about money. Chances are, you are monetizing your podcast in some way, and your website should definitely be a place to advertise that. Podpage has recently added some revenue focused features to make sure YOU GET PAID.

New support for Membership integrations!

Selling memberships/subscriptions to premium content is one of the best ways you can monetize your audience, and it’s certainly caught the attention of our industry. Up to this point, you could only ask for “Donations” on your Podpage, but that changes today.

We’ve changed the “Donate Page” to the “Revenue Page”. Go to your Dashboard and you’ll see this option on your left.

Click there and you can now choose how your podcast monetizes. Your choice will change what the link in your Navigation bar says (for example, if you monetize with Memberships, you navigation bar will say “Become a Member”).

We’ve also added Supercast as a new partner integration, so you can link directly to your Supercast page and grow your premium listening audience.

Make revenue your main website call to action

By default, the main button on your website is Subscribe. If you’d like to change that to be your revenue link, just go to the Navigation Bar settings in your Website Settings and check out the Call to Action options. Change it to revenue, and Become a Member or Donate will swap with Subscribe.

We hope this helps you make some additional money to keep funding your great content. If your podcast is part of a brand or business, check out our blog on the best business podcasts for more ideas and inspiration. 

Our podcast websites get results

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