Podcast Player Badge Set

Download a full set of podcast player badges and icons, made with love by Podpage.

All the badges and icons you need in one click.

Podpage powers thousands of automatically updated, worry-free podcast websites.

Anyone who's ever built a site for a podcast has had to search the internet for player graphics and usually ends up with a mismatched set of inconsistent badges.

Podpage is happy to release our set of player badges and icons. They're free to use and come in several sizes and formats.

Player Badge Set

Player badges use the company's icon and wordmark (when possible).

Sizes: 165x42
Formats: PNG, SVG*

*Some SVGs are not actually vector (yet).

Amazon Music Podcast Player Badge
Apple Podcasts Podcast Player Badge
Castbox Podcast Player Badge
Castro Podcast Player Badge
Deezer Podcast Player Badge
Google Podcasts Podcast Player Badge
iHeartRadio Podcast Player Badge
Overcast Podcast Player Badge
Pandora Podcast Player Badge
PocketCasts Podcast Player Badge
Podcast Addict Podcast Player Badge
Podchaser Podcast Player Badge
RadioPublic Podcast Player Badge
RSS Podcast Player Badge
Soundcloud Podcast Player Badge
Spotify Podcast Player Badge
Spreaker Podcast Player Badge
Stitcher Podcast Player Badge
TuneIn Podcast Player Badge
YouTube Podcast Player Badge

Player Icon Set

Icons are designed to be square and use the publicly available icon for the company.

Sizes: 28px, 56px (@2x)
Formats: PNG

Amazon Music Podcast Player Icon Apple Podcasts Podcast Player Icon Castbox Podcast Player Icon Castro Podcast Player Icon Deezer Podcast Player Icon Google Podcasts Podcast Player Icon iHeartRadio Podcast Player Icon Overcast Podcast Player Icon Pandora Podcast Player Icon PocketCasts Podcast Player Icon Podcast Addict Podcast Player Icon Podchaser Podcast Player Icon RadioPublic Podcast Player Icon RSS Podcast Player Icon Soundcloud Podcast Player Icon Spotify Podcast Player Icon Spreaker Podcast Player Icon Stitcher Podcast Player Icon TuneIn Podcast Player Icon YouTube Podcast Player Icon

Individual Files

Badge Format: SVG
Icon Format: PNG

Amazon Music: Listen Badge · Icon
Apple Podcasts: Listen Badge · Icon
Castbox: Listen Badge · Icon
Castro: Listen Badge · Icon
Deezer: Listen Badge · Icon
Google Podcasts: Listen Badge · Icon
iHeartRadio: Listen Badge · Icon
Overcast: Listen Badge · Icon
Pandora: Listen Badge · Icon
PocketCasts: Listen Badge · Icon
Podcast Addict: Listen Badge · Icon
Podchaser: Listen Badge · Icon
RadioPublic: Listen Badge · Icon
RSS: Listen Badge · Icon
Soundcloud: Listen Badge · Icon
Spotify: Listen Badge · Icon
Spreaker: Listen Badge · Icon
Stitcher: Listen Badge · Icon
TuneIn: Listen Badge · Icon
YouTube: Listen Badge · Icon

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Frequently asked questions

What are the rules / license to use this?

These are all trademarks of the companies they represent. Look at their usage guides for how you can use them. Besides that, use them however you'd like. The only restriction is, please don't distribute these in a set or as your own.

I represent one of these companies. How can I update my badge?

To request an update to one of these badges, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you.

How much does this cost?

This resource is 100% free. You don't need to pay anything to use it.

Will you be making changes?

Yes, these will be constantly evolving. We'll always add new badges to this page, and plan to support several more formats and styles (dark mode, black and white, etc...).