Spotlight: Jack Hibbs Podcast

Want to be a better podcaster? Join us as we take a deep dive into the Jack Hibbs Podcast to show you what you can learn from this successful host.

For the 63% of Americans who identify as Christian, growing stronger in the faith is a top priority. Finding a congregation, such as a church or Bible study, can help you connect and learn, but what if your schedule or location makes this difficult?

The answer? Podcasts, of course!

Jack Hibbs has built an incredibly loyal following in his years as a pastor, author, and conference speaker. Now, he’s bringing a new Biblical perspective to the podcasting sphere.

Jack Hibbs Podcast has thousands of listeners across platforms and across the world. Let’s take a closer look into the show to gain some insight and inspiration for your own podcast—no matter your beliefs!


About the Host: Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs’ career first began in 1990, when he founded Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California. The congregation originally consisted of just six people, but has since grown to more than 10,000.

In addition to being a conference speaker and author, Hibbs is also the Founder and President of Real Life Ministry. His syndicated television and radio broadcasts (plus a mobile app) have a worldwide reach.

Hibbs’ long career as a pastor has helped him create a devoted fan base, with 648k YouTube subscribers, 80k followers on X, and another 380k on Instagram.


About the Show

When Hibbs first started building his audience, the internet was practically unheard of. The recent popularity of podcasts has only managed to increase his reach and grow to unforeseen heights.

Episode Highlights and Content

When you first lend your voice to the countless others in the podcasting sphere, it can be tempting to change your method to appeal to a wider audience. Jack Hibbs Podcast proves that to be unnecessary!

Hibbs’ platform is built on the intersection of religion and politics—two areas that many people are keen to avoid! Furthermore, his approach is rooted in hard-hitting truths (mingled with encouragement).

It just goes to show you that a platform based on honesty and authenticity will always find an audience!

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Episode Format

It would be totally understandable if Hibbs posted a new episode weekly, similar to a Sunday sermon. However, episodes of Jack Hibbs Podcast are dropped with surprising frequency—every 2-3 days.

These aren’t filler episodes either. Each one lasts between 20-60 minutes. If you find yourself holding back from creating new content, this should be a lesson not to hold back! If your content is engaging enough, the followers will show up.

Podcast Website

Jack Hibbs Podcast was created using Podpage and is a perfect example of how to use the many features available.

Each episode page includes show notes and a transcript, as well as a simple chapter breakdown, so listeners can jump right to their favorite part. Links to the show on Apple, Spotify, and Pod Chaser makes it easy to subscribe through your favorite platform.

An About page provides background information and also links to Hibbs’ main ministry website. And to further support his ministry, his podcast site includes links to donate and purchase his books.

If you have additional resources (or merch!), posting a link on your podcast website is the perfect way to increase sales!

Key Takeaways and Awesome Episodes

Hibbs crafts his episode titles in a way that makes listeners want to learn more. His impactful choice of words reflects his “hard-hitting truth” approach, but the episode content is often filled with encouragement.

  • The War of 2024: In this episode, Hibbs talks about how to fight the battles that may come your way in 2024, and how to strengthen your faith.
  • Crushing Emotions: Emotions are a wonderful thing, but they can also keep us from living our life with intention. In this episode, Hibbs talks about how to navigate negative emotions without losing control of your life.

Impact and Reception

Listeners consistently appreciate Hibbs’ bold approach to the issues, his encouraging manner, and his ability to reach his audience where they are. The show has a 5-star rating (with more than 11,000 reviews!) on Apple Podcasts.

If there’s one thing you can learn from this, it’s that you don’t have to pull your punches or water down your opinions to appeal to the masses. Be your authentic self and the rest will come!


Final Thoughts

Jack Hibbs has channeled a successful career into a show that offers plenty of food for thought for listeners around the world.

In addition to honoring the values of a shared community, he also aims to make that community stronger and more dedicated.

Whether you’re spiritual, secular, or anywhere in between, Jack Hibbs Podcast is a perfect example of how podcasts can not only build but enhance your career. If you’ve been on the fence about taking your presence to podcasting, let this be a sign to take the plunge!

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