The Podpage™ Dashboard Breakdown: How to use and apply the features within your account

We work hard to make Podpage intuitive and straightforward for everyone--tech-savvy or not! Use this blog to help you navigate your account so you can take full advantage of every tool.

Once you sign up for a Podpage account, you’ll get access to your dashboard and all the features that will help you optimize, scale, and monetize your podcast. We work hard to make Podpage intuitive and straightforward for everyone, but it’s always helpful to have a guide! Use this blog to help you navigate your account so you can take full advantage of every tool. 

If you don’t have a Podpage account yet, you can sign up for a free trial and try out every feature for two weeks to see what you think!

Features within your dashboard

Beneath your Dashboard tab, you’ll see a list of tools and resources, starting with Activity List. Once you log into your Podpage account, you'll have access to your dashboard. Beneath your Dashboard tab, you’ll see a list of tools and resources where you can access each of the features outlined in this guide. 

Note: All features with an asterisk are Pro features, available with a Pro Podpage subscription. 

Activity List

The Activity List provides you with a breakdown of all the activity happening across your website. From this tab, you can view new episodes, listener reviews and messages, and mailing list subscribers. Your ActivityLiist makes it simple to keep track of listener feedback and engagement in one place to help you keep a pulse on what your listeners are responding to and what they want more of. 

From the Activity List page, you can also adjust your settings to receive an email every time a new episode goes live or when a new review is posted on your website. 


From the Website tab, you can access a full range of tools to help you further customize your website and update it as you grow!

  • Page Designer: Under Page Designer, you can adjust your global styles, from fronts to colors, as well as your general layout and heading/banner placements. Tired of your current look? You can change out your template for another in just a few clicks. You can also view your current pages and add new ones.
  • Add Custom Domain: Adding a custom domain not only helps enhance your podcast’s credibility, but it can improve SEO rankings and drive greater listener recognition and engagement.
  • Hosts/Team*: Add other hosts or key team members to your website with a short bio and profile photo.
  • Podcast Player Links: Help your audience find your podcast wherever they listen with quick links to Apple, Spotify, Google, and more.
  • Social Links: Add social links to the navigation bar and footer of your website to make your profiles easy to find for listeners.
  • Pretty Redirects*: Create quick links that will send listeners directly to your sponsors or any other website.
  • Analytics*: Track your website traffic and analytics using the best tools in the industry. Podpage can code your website to work with whatever service you prefer so that you don’t miss any stats.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Podpage takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization. Your website has already been fully optimized and looks great when shared on social platforms. In addition to a list of the work that’s already been done, your website comes with additional customization options and tips for SEO enhancement.
  • 301 Redirects*: Redirect old URL’s to your new site so that you don’t miss any engagement when your podcast changes location! Think of a 301 redirect as a change of address for your podcast.
  • Custom Code*: For advanced users, this tab offers the option to add custom CSS or Javascript code to every page of your website.
  • Advanced Settings: If there are still additional features you’re looking for, check the Advanced Settings tab for the full range of options and customizations, such as replacing your website with a “coming soon” page or banners and displays that will make your episodes more shareable for listeners. 


Podpage automatically imports new episodes and gives each a dedicated, search engine optimized page. Under the Episodes tab, you can organize your episodes by category, manage guest information, attach transcript notes, and more. 

By sorting episodes according to category, you can make it easier for listeners to browse episode lists and find additional relevant content. If you choose to categorize episodes, Podpage will automatically create landing pages for each category. 

Organize and streamline your guests by building out guest profiles or by using the Guest Intake Form, which collects a bio, headshot, and relevant links for every guest and associates guest profiles with specific episodes. These features are available for Pro accounts. 

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Listener Tools

Listener engagement is a vital piece of any podcast growth strategy. Podpage makes it easy to create opportunities for two-way interaction, which will allow you to leverage listener feedback and create content directly targeted to your audience. Here is a quick overview of the tools included with Podpage that can help maximize listener engagement: 

  • Email capture: Podpage makes it simple to create a direct line of communication with your audience by collecting emails and building a mailing list. Leverage email to alert listeners when new episodes are released, provide links to your other content, or make announcements. You can even attach incentives to motivate new listeners to sign up!
  • Contact form*: Provide a contact form so that listeners can ask questions, make suggestions, etc. Being accessible to listeners is an important part of growing an engaged listener community.
  • Voicemails: All Podpage websites come with voicemail capabilities so that you can capture listener feedback and even download the audio to include it on your podcast.
  • Commenting*: Allow listeners to interact with one another through comments on episodes, blog posts, and custom pages by simply selecting the commenting service you’d like to use. 


Import reviews from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and anywhere else your podcast is available, and display them on your website’s homepage. Available to Pro accounts, this feature also allows you to hide reviews and provides optimization so that reviews look great when shared on social media. 


Having the right tools is a key part of monetizing a podcast. Podpage provides a range of services to help you create a stream of income from your podcast and sustain it over time: 

  • Sponsors: Add current sponsor profiles to your website. You can list them on a dedicated page, the homepage, or attach them to episodes.
  • Donations & Memberships*: Add donate buttons along with a clear explanation for why listeners should donate to your podcast. Once added, Podpage will automatically create a donation page to track your revenue.
  • Advertising*: Allow Google to automatically place ads on your website through Adsense. Currently, Podpage supports the universal Adsense tag.
  • Storefront*: Create your own storefront and offer products for sale on your website. First, you’ll need to list your products for sale on the platform you choose (Paypal, Shopify, etc.), and then you can include a purchase link for listeners on your website.
  • Private Feed Support: Private feeds require listeners to pay a subscription fee to access certain content. While Podpage does not host content, you can build a website for your private feed and keep your selected content exclusive. Your Podpage website can point listeners to the site that hosts your private feed. 


Ready to launch a blog in conjunction with your podcast? Blogs provide another avenue for engaging listeners and also help establish your credibility and authority around the subject matter.

Podpage makes it easy to create and post blogs directly to your website in just minutes. Additionally, you can categorize blogs so that they’re easy to find alongside relevant episodes. 


Link to your Youtube channel and Podpage will check for new videos daily and then automatically import and post them to your site!

Social Posting*

Link to your social media profiles, and new episodes and reviews will automatically post when they are imported. This feature is currently in Beta and connects with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can choose to auto post new episodes and reviews to your social platforms and toggle each one on and off based on your preferences.


You don’t have to sacrifice other marketing and analytics tools when you launch your Podpage website. Podpage is compatible with a host of other services and platforms, making it easy for you to access all the tools you need and leverage them to make the most of your website. 

Choose from a list of compatible apps to link them to your site. Use Apple Podcasts to distribute your episodes and gather reviews, link to Twitter and Facebook to promote through social media, and leverage Mailchimp or Constant Contact to automate communication with your mailing list, all without ever leaving your Podpage dashboard.

Additional resources

Check out our resources page to answer all of your podcast questions! Through our Learning Center, we’ve partnered with the School of Podcasting to curate content that will help you get started or hone your craft and become a better podcaster. 

Podcasting News provides helpful information updates within the podcast industry to help you keep a pulse on the latest news and happenings. And finally, check out our blog regularly for tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Podpage!

Your dashboard is the best starting point for exploring your full range of options with Podpage. Whether your goal is to grow your listener base, monetize your podcast, create a variety of content streams, or all of the above, Podpage makes it simple to break your goals down into actionable steps. 

Have questions that haven’t been answered in this post? Check out our Learn Podpage video series on YouTube to learn more about specific functions within the dashboard!

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