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Look Behind the Look saved $1000s in startup costs fees

Tiffany was met with complete frustration when she tried to build a website herself, but was able to create a site that she loved and was confident to promote in only one day with Podpage.

Tiffany Bartok

About the Podcast

Look Behind The Look is a new podcast hosted by the filmmaker behind Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story, Tiffany Bartok. It is a deep dive into iconic looks in film, TV, music, and fashion history with the creatives that brought them to life.

Features Used

Before Podpage

I've had my podcast since fall 2020.  I launched it as a pivot during COVID as many of us did.  I am a makeup artist by trade, and also a documentary filmmaker, so the podcast was the perfect opportunity for all of my friends in the creative industries that came to a halt during the pandemic to come on, be interviewed by me and share exclusive details about their craft with my audience.

Before I found Podpage, when I tried to create a website for my podcast, I was absolutely not able to make it with a competitive design.  I was met with complete frustration when I tried to do it myself.  I would have to read endless articles about how to optimize SEO, create links to players and then on top of all this, make it look sleek and as trendy as the competition.  

I had not monetized my podcast yet, and was shopping for designers because it was too much to take on in addition to the actual podcast.  

The cost of designers that you can trust is extremely cost prohibitive of course in the beginning, but I found Podpage and was able to create a sight that can be monetized, shared easily on social by my audience, and instantly ranked hi in SEO!  I was able to create a site that I love and am confident to present and promote in only one day.

Podpage saved me thousands in start-up costs; I am able to be my own web designer and SEO Expert with their simple and effective tools.

Tiffany Bartok

After Podpage

Look Behind The Look website

I can do absolutely everything myself with Podpage which removes so much stress and helps me to be in control of my content and deadlines.  It's a lot of fun to use too!  

Sending potential guests the site is something that I feel confident doing, and helps potential guests feel good because they can easily see that they will be represented well, are in great company, and can easily and confidently share their episode once it is up.  

I love that Podpage is always improving as well, I am excited by all of the new things it offers on a regular basis and sometimes I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface!  

A goal of mine for the remainder of the year is to utilize all of the ways to monetize that Podpage has to offer- especially using affiliate marketing and the blog feature.  

Look Behind The Look website
Look Behind The Look website
Look Behind The Look website

The final result

With Podpage, I am able to stay independent, in control and stand out from the competition.  The tools you provide allow my episodes to be easy to find on google, and the design, and ease of navigation adds validity to the podcast.

You made it so much easier to jump into the podcast launch by removing the difficulties of jumping into this market which would otherwise stop some creatives from ever taking that step into podcasting.

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