Introducing Guest Profiles

We've made it really easy to make your guests stand out on your website with guest profile pages!

From the beginning, Podpage has focused on launching features specific to things that podcasters need. Today, we're excited to release a big one that's been a big request from Day 1.

It's now possible to create guest profiles, and attach them to your episodes! Each guest will have their own dedicated page on your website, with info about them and links to all the episodes they've been on.

How does this work?

Now, on every episode's edit page, you will see a new section to add/remove guests. 

This shows a list of every guest in your guest you've added to Podpage. If you click View/Edit guests, you'll see your list.

You can add photos, bio, links, and more to your guests, or just add their name. Guest names will appear in the list of episodes.

And if you've entered some info, they'll appear at the bottom of your episode page.

All of the places your guest is listed will lead the visitor to a full guest profile page, like the one below.

Click here to check out an example of a guest profile page! And check out the quick intro video below:

Note: Previously, we had a mostly unused "Guest" field on your edit page. That's been replaced with this, and we've turned whatever you wrote in that field into a guest. We apologize if that's created any issues with names, but if it has, just go into your guest list (Settings → Guests) and make some edits.

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