Introducing Podpage Elite Beta: Elevating Podcasting with Powerful Features

Podpage launches its Elite Plan into Beta, a premium subscription tailored to podcasters seeking enhanced website control and streamlined workflows. This plan includes global review imports, automatic guest email alerts, SEO optimization tools, and more.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch the Podpage Elite Plan into Beta, a premium subscription for a select group within the podcasting community who desire greater control over their websites and more streamlined workflows.

This marks just the beginning for Elite, and there's more to come (along with probably a few bugs to fix), so we're offering an introductory price as low as $25/month for early adopters who upgrade during our Beta phase. Once the plan is fully developed, we'll increase the price to our regular pricing. However, if you upgrade early, you'll lock in the early adopter price, even as we work through some growing pains.

Available Now

So, what's launching today? Here's an overview of the new features that are accessible right now:

Import Reviews from 175+ Countries
You've always been able to select the Apple Podcasts country you want us to check for reviews. With the Elite plan, we will import reviews from ALL Apple Podcast countries, spanning over 175+ countries and reaching listeners and fans worldwide.

Automatic Guest Email Alerts
You've always had the ability to create guest profiles and, after your episode is released, attach the guest to the episode. Now, with the new Elite plan, when the episode is released, guests can be automatically attached to the episode and sent an email with a link to their episode page, including links to share the episode on social media. You just need to set the episode number to attach them beforehand, and Podpage does the rest!

Export Guest Data
If you want to transfer your guest data to an external spreadsheet, you can now do so with the Elite plan. You can one-click export your full guest data at any time to use in your own guest workflow.

Built-in Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
This is a significant addition. Podpage now includes a built-in SEO Tool similar to Yoast SEO, the #1 plugin on WordPress. You can use this tool to optimize not only your homepage's SEO but also each of your content pages (episodes, blog posts, and video pages). This tool will analyze each page and suggest changes to maximize its performance for your search engine goals.

Set a Specific Search Keyphrase
To complement the SEO Tool, you can now set a focus keyphrase for each page. This keyphrase is the primary search term you want to optimize the page for. Podpage uses this with the SEO Analysis Tool to help ensure your page ranks well on Google and other search engines for your targeted keyphrase.

Zapier Integration
If you wish to automate tasks with Zapier, you can now connect your Podpage account. Whenever an episode, blog post, review, email subscriber, and more is created, it will be automatically sent to Zapier for you to use in any way you prefer.

Episode Deep Linking
When Podpage imports an episode, it will attempt to retrieve the deep link for that episode in popular podcast players (Apple, Google, Spotify). This way, when someone clicks that link on an episode page, it will take them directly to the episode.

Private Feed Support
If your podcast content is behind a paywall and requires subscriptions for access, you can still use your feed on Podpage. Simply enter your subscription URL into Podpage, and your media players will be replaced with a call to action to subscribe to your content. Your website will serve as a lead generation tool for new subscriptions.

Pretty Link Click Data
Many of our users utilize Pretty Link Redirects to link to sponsors, affiliates, and more. Now, you can track the performance of these links. Podpage will log and display data on the number of clicks your pretty links receive in the Podpage dashboard.

Downloadable Files
Whether it's an ebook, artwork, guide, or anything else, you may have files you'd like to make available for your listeners to download. Now, directly within Podpage, you can host files for listeners to download.

Coming Soon

Similar to our Pro plan, there's much more we'll be adding to Elite over time. Some of the planned features in the next 6 months include:

Automatic Transcriptions
When we import your new episodes, Podpage will automatically transcribe the audio and publish the transcription to the episode page. Note: This will only be available for new episodes, but if you'd like us to transcribe old episodes, there will be an add-on option for that as well.

Listener Email Alerts
Want your listeners to be notified every time you release a new episode? Podpage will handle this for you with our Listener Email Alerts feature. Subscribed listeners will receive a message containing the latest episode and links to listen on their favorite player.

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