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G is for Genius
I could listen to Gary nonstop! He encourages me to go out and get what I want! So real so candid and so empathetic!

“There is no too kind.” Thank you for that. ❤️

Great man and even better advice.
Highly suggested material to any entrepreneur or any human seeking to better themselves. Gary offers very direct and insightful advice to the everyday issues we confront as entrepreneurs and as people. His energy and honesty energizes me every time I list. Thanks for all you do Gary and keep up the great work.

A Powerhouse of Business and Marketing Wisdom
GaryVee's Audio Experience is the ultimate podcast for anyone in business or marketing. The diverse content—from #AskGaryVee episodes to keynote speeches—provides invaluable insights. Whether you're an entrepreneur or just interested in the business world, this podcast is a must. Five stars!

This guy is pure perspective and caffeine!
Gary has such a great perspective and shares it with so much passion. He really cares about people and employed compassion. He speaks on about 15 main topics in different ways each time so that it really hits for everyone. His main topics include: Loving the game of entrepreneurship Gratitude due to his immigrant upbringing Employing compassion to the haters Trying to Buy the jets Being self aware about your skills Attention on LinkedIn and Tik Tok Macro patience immediate action Move fast and don’t overthink NFTs and other crypto And more! I listen to him to get motivated and then I take action

My go-to
Thank you Gary for providing such inspirational content. I listen to your podcasts on my way to work and no matter the topic you always have great insight on it. 10/10 recommend!!

Great episode. Planting great seeds for kid’s minds.

The OG Kind Entrepreneur
Gary is the genuine, original article! Thank you Gary for inspiring the world with your business advice and authentic kindness and positivity! There are more entrepreneurs than you’ll probably ever know that look up to you and have benefited from your extreme generosity of spirit. Your kindness and compassion are felt all over the world. God bless you!

An Absolute Must For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
To the Audience: If you’re just getting started or have been an entrepreneur for awhile — this is the podcast for you. Gary is a rarity and is doing our community a wonderful service by being 100% authentic in explaining what is what for entrepreneurs. Do yourself a favor and subscribe — don’t sleep on this podcast! To Gary and Team: Thank you for putting in the time and effort to nurture our community. You’re a much needed lighthouse. I more than appreciate you doubling down on the EQ side of the equation. Entrepreneurs — your mindset and attitude to the challenges that you’ll face on your journey is what will define you and make you successful. Eternally grateful! D.B.

The best!
Gary is one of the best in the entrepreneurship game. He gives practical advice that works and is applicable for any business. This podcast is a must listen for anyone wanting to expand their business and network.

Amazing ❤️
Love me some GaryVee wisdom! We need more entrepreneurs like him.

Prolific volume and content
Constant practical advice but also heavy on philosophy and the Why.

Great insight, but…
Gary is so smart and insightful, but his brain is soo busy that he cannot ever stop talking over his guests. I can only listen in very small doses.

Consistent, real, raw w/empathy & compassion
I’m appreciating Gary’s insight & foresight. He’s consistent, real, raw and evolved to deliver his message with empathy & compassion. ~The Neuroscientist🧠 ♥️💥

Thx for the give
Gary thx for the giving of value you have provided for years all one has to do is implement I would say say keep up the good work but we all know that is a given.

Will Change Your Life and Mindset
Got hooked on Gary years ago and haven’t looked back. As a small business owner, he provides so much great practical advice that I couldn’t find anywhere. He has his pulse on the market and understands consumers like no other.

Kind works, deep connections
That’s the review ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Honest and inspiring
I always enjoy Gary’s talks. His raw, sometimes gut punch, honest advice is inspiring. I believe this is what many need in our lives. A daily Reality check. Gary offers that insight that is real and practical. In my 63 years I’m still learning, a lot. I’m a reborn sponge. I’m proud to be still learning from Gary. Yes, I’ve purchased my first NFT. I’ll be looking for “opportunities” to purchase deeply discounted luxury murch over next 3yrs, ie; housing,luxury autos, & TOYS!☝️

Gary Vee is The G,O.A,T.
I always find motivation when GV speaks!!

incredible, been listening for years now, listen every day when I go for a run. If you’re into business, tech, marketing, or entrepreneurship this is a must! I feel like I know Gary and I’ve never met him. Has been a very good influence in my life.

Great information and motivation
Wish there was a way to rate each podcast not just the channel

Gary Vee Show has helped me truly!
This podcast is like listening in on a the cool kid table and actually getting good advice from it! that may be bad analogy but this is awesome, love yall!

Amazing podcast!!
The GaryVee podcast is indescribable! It is amazing, full of helpful information and actionable tips/strategies.

GaryVee made me do it
I followed Gary’s advice and was able to grow my business to 7 figures in year one. Be sure to do what he is advising!

The Best Podcast Ever!
One of the best podcasts that changed my life. Made it to 7 figures and inspired by Gary!

Only Gary would provide this type of daily value & connection for free, this is invaluable. An absolute daily must for me, my daily dose of positivity & motivation from my virtual friend & mentor. Never thought I’d look forward to a non-football podcast over my beloved Notre Dame Fball podcasts, but it’s not even close. By far, the podcast I look forward to the most!

Love Gary! I listen to him daily because he reminds me to be on top of my social media game. When I hear him it reminds me to be in the right mindset!

I listen everyday woodworking
This podcast keeps me grounded in not only my business but my everyday life. I have such a better perspective on everyday obstacles and can better help people because of that. ❤️

Gary has truly inspired me on my entrepreneurial adventures! Love listening to this podcast has the perfect twist of inspiration and humor! Keep doing what you do gary we love you!

Great advice
Love Gary and content, advice, tenacity,etc…. Great! Many of the things are actually Bible/Jesus Teaching and that’s AWESOME! Would just cut at least a little the bad words? My best wishes and thanks for everything!