Jan. 5, 2023

Stop Stopping Yourself - Jackie Cote

Stop Stopping Yourself - Jackie Cote

What is secretly stopping you in your life or business?  We explore how to shift from existing to loving your life with Jackie Cote who has been there and done that.  Jackie shares her personal life experiences and how she was able to earn $2,000 more every month for three months in a row by BEING instead of DOING.

Join us for a fun, engaging, informative experience that will activate your freedom goals.

About the Guest:

Jackie Cote is a Freedom Mentor, Speaker and RV Adventurist who helps hyper driven successful people who already have money and success but don’t have a life they love. After working with Jackie they learn how to awaken, empower and own the powerful leader within so they can create the life they truly desire of freedom, adventure, and love and fit the money and success into that life.

Free Gift Link: Intentional Goal Setting

There’s something missing from traditional goal setting.  Adding your Intention – how you want to feel as you work towards your goal – makes all the difference in achieving it quickly and with joy.

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