Nov. 21, 2022

What is Ego

What is Ego

Are you afraid of your ego?

Do you know what are the benefits of ego for your personal growth?

Do you want to know the purpose of why we have ego? 

In this episode, I will talk about the things you didn’t know about ego. I’ll be explaining the benefits it has for our personal growth. And different tips on how to observe it.

About the Host:

Monica Ramirez/ Warrior of Love is a Transformational Belief Coach, I help support you to awaken to happiness and personal power from the struggle and confusion to feeling free, happy, and powerful.

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (N.L.P.) I am a Certified Beyond Quantum Healer (B.Q. H.) Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Record, Psychic Channeler from the Family of the Light and my Higher Self Maia, Tarot Reader, Channel Readings, and artists.

The founder of "Path to the Heart", my signature Transformational System. I work with people coaching them one on one and in groups.


Soul Talk is every Monday at 7 Pm CT.


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ST Intro/Outro:

Welcome friends, to the Soul Talk podcast, a show where whisper uncover the path of the heart, amplifying your conscience. Join me, as we meet incredible souls who are in this journey and learn from their experience, and different methods that will make you vibrate your heart. Let's get into it.

Monica Ramirez:

Welcome back to Soul Talk. This is Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love. And today I would like to talk about the legal. Many of my clients always ask me if they can eradicate it, or if they can use move it away or how they can deceive and destroy it. But in reality, I just wanted, it's very important to talk about it, because it can become our best friend. Or we can actually can this progress in the tense and how we want to see it. Everything has two sides of the coin, even love, as two sides of the coin too much love can speak shaders. And the ego can apply for the same team. Well, the ego was created for all of us to protect us in a time of the prey story. Of course, he would keep them out of the key a dinosaur penniless. So the ego was our biggest protector that we had that. Now we don't live in caves. And now there is no dinosaurs outside. In reality, no one can hurt us in this room meetings. So I wanted to talk to you about it because it is very important. AI is being programmed to us that they go with this bad day goes diabolic I have heard that I went from my clients to the egos trying to destroy you. And when you become friends with your ego, it can be your best teacher only is you're certain in certain way. Only you hear in certain way. Let's put it like this. The ego it is just a program that like many of our beliefs. And our thoughts are just programs over programs or programs that can create a limiting belief or it can expand us. I remember as an artist, when I start painting and started seeing my work and people were asking me you're an artist. And I always say no I just painting dabbling in that, you know, it's it's just my main hobby. When it wasn't my hobby, it was actually very important for me. It was it was what I wanted to leave I was always sitting in galleries and it could not say I was an artist because I felt that he was me who was going to be too big to even say that. I grew up in a Catholic church where you always always learn how to control your ego. So you cannot even say I have loved myself no I love everybody. Even my father used to not even tell me directly I love you because or else my ego became so much so he always mentioned I love all my kids instead of saying I love you. It was not about us just program in this it was not because he was not loving me. He was because he in one increase my ego. Imagine how much just that being so afraid of the ego of cause that pain that have brought to all of us. So well. I'm just gonna tell you, they but when once we become friends with a eco, it can be our best ally. The ego can bring separation and now got another night Daigo only thinking to himself, day go loves recognition all the time. So there is there is no solace trying to compare and always trying to envy and trying to to push everybody away because in a way it has to be the king has to be the queen has to be the biggest thing. So it is always in MB. So illusion really to be unique. Because you don't want to be unique. You just want to be bigger. He also is always trying to preserve themselves is first aid is itself because it's always the it is always me, me me. That's what it is the new so was looking for acceptation of the other ones ever Seeing from outside. So it's always trying to please others at the same time, because it's always wanted to everybody admired. So relax at the same time have empathy. It is illegal, it is at the same time is search for wisdom, but only four itself loves to price to be prized by everybody. And they go, it is a separation from everything we do them. But it's not about we ever. He likes to blame everybody for their own mistakes you will not have, they will not be responsible for their own actions. Everybody's fault, the government, the industry, the neighbor, their husband, everybody's fault is not their own. It is at the same time very jealous. Why? Because it's always It feels very insecure, and everything can break the ego, so it's always gonna be insecure. So at the same time, he loves pessimism, complaining, because you're always going to meet the rest of the people, the rest of the humanity. So and the majority of the humanity is this pessimist, and likes to complain about everything. That's why the news are so important to the human beings. I left that ago, when was the five years ago, I don't watch the news anymore. Of course, I know what is going on in the world. But it is not so important for me. Well, and also, it is also always reminding you about the past the ego, always reminding you about all the mistakes that you did in the past, or is always telling you what all the things in the future you can do. Because the ego do not like changes, the ego is very limited, the ego is very afraid of the changes. So when something new is gonna come, is gonna just remind you all the mistakes that you did in the past, to bring it again in the present so late that you can move on or move forward. And is so so it can be very hostile at the same time. Why? Because he can get mad. So he will be shouting in your ear and your mind and your thoughts and your whole being. You just wanted to create something new. Now you will ask why you say something that something good about the why? Because every time I have encountered my own ego, it tells me oh, you should copy these people, or you should do what everybody's doing, why you're not doing what everybody's doing. And then that's when he becomes the best teacher? Because then I will ask why? Why I have to copy other people why I have to be like them. And the ego when you ask them questions directly, it can respond. Because he knows is it just about being selfish. Or if you're trying to be competition or jealousy or envy, whatever it is. So it will show you the envy the competition and so forth, says no, that is Derek, I have done work with myself. So you don't have to copy or envy or be jealous or whatever it is that you're doing. So the ego always tells you, and why did you have to work with yourself? I'm not denying that the aim be the competition, the jealousy the all those things exist? Of course they exist. We're humans. But that's something that you have to work with yourself. And can you feel jealous, Dan, is because you're feeling insecure and why you're feeling insecure. Maybe he doesn't have to do anything with a partner. You're right now, it has to do with a feeling of abandonment when you were a kid or you felt insecure when you were a kid. So in reality is not a person, your partner that you have to be jealous or because he's talking with someone he has to do because you're feeling insecure because you haven't feel that inner child. So in the moment you start working with your inner child, you're gonna stop being jealous or feeling insecure.

Monica Ramirez:

So it's just personal work and your ego is always gonna be marking you Why do you have to work with yourself? See, and we caught it are never gonna be able to see that. Other thing that I always tell my clients you He is going to just disappear the ego from your brain. Then it is like saying, I'm going to cut my hand right now. And you will say no your hand while you're going to cut what are your hands, it doesn't matter which one is, you still need to to have your hands. This same the price for the ego, and you disappear your ego, you're not gonna be able to believe in yourself, by believing in yourself, do ego help you. And believing in yourself is knowing that you are that unity and you are part of the same source, universe God whatever name you want to call it, it doesn't matter in the same beam. So, and to know that we are love that we can receive loved and we deserve good things in our lives. So that's why it is important to observe and hear the ego so that you know what to work. But at the same time, the ego will help you to believe in you. I hope this was helpful. This is Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love and you want to know about the ego, how to control it, how to serve it or how to hear it. Yes, send me a message. I have several programs that can help you transform your life. Thank you for listening. Thank you. Bye bye.