Oct. 24, 2022

What is Channeling?

What is Channeling?

Do you want to know what Channeling is?

Why do we channel, and what is the purpose of channeling?

Do you want to know what the difference is between your ego and your Higherself?

In this episode Monica Ramirez the Warrior of Love talks about channeling, different types of channeling and on how to channel. 

Channeling is a translation from a different language to a human language, is a translation of subtle energies into a language humans understand.

It comes through words, feelings, smells, taste, knowledge, pictures, short movies, etc.

About the Host:

Monica Ramirez/ Warrior of Love is a Transformational Belief Coach, I help support you to awaken to happiness and personal power from the struggle and confusion to feeling free, happy, and powerful.

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (N.L.P.) I am a Certified Beyond Quantum Healer (B.Q. H.) Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Record, Psychic Channeler from the Family of the Light and my Higher Self Maia, Tarot Reader, Channel Readings, and artists.

The founder of "Path to the Heart", my signature Transformational System. I work with people coaching them one on one and in groups.


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ST Intro/Outro:

Welcome friends, to the Soul Talk podcast, a show where whisper uncover the path of the heart, amplifying your conscience. Join me, as we meet incredible souls, why in this journey and learn from their experience, and different methods that will make it vibrate your heart. Let's get into it.

Monica Ramirez:

Hi beautiful souls. My name is Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love. I would like to talk about what is channeling, channeling. For me, it is basically a translation from a different language into the language that we know, at this one we're talking right now. And there are many ways of channel at the same time, it can be speaking, like right now I'm talking to you, he can be rain driving, because they take me home. So they mean different things that they want, right? I give the message or to painting or to the music or dancing, it can be many, in many ways, is basically translating that. So energies into a language that everybody can understand the majority of the channels when we receive the message, and we when I channel speaking, and is receive the information that you can come through a feeling or an emotion to images to smells to, like photographs, or very short films or things like that, about whatever message they want to translate on your channel being some of the highest highest planes of like angels Ascended Masters, sent to riches that are good here to help us. Make it yourself of course, as is one of my my favorite, and also I. And when I when I chant, When did my body and did speak to my mouth, I kind of I quote kind of a little bit sleep. And it gives him it and it gives a message, I will not remember what I talk about it. So that's why many times I have to do this kind of feels when I'm doing this message, or because I will forget completely what they said it was information, it was not for me. But if they want to leave me the sensation, they will immediately the emotion, the feeling the photograph, the new fields, whatever message was there. So I can stay with something. But not completely. The conversation that I'm having right now, is about how to do this kind of healing in this kind of channeling because when the Nico's inside of you, at the same time, they're fixing or recommending you body in a certain way in certain vibration, because you want to channel a higher vibration means you have to raise your vibration, there is no other way that you can do that.

Monica Ramirez:

How to actually raise your vibration, and you're going to need protection, some things like that. Do a lot of practice in different ways. So like that you actually live knowing that you are channeling and understanding what is the difference between the ego and your higher being that is actually giving you the advice that you have yourself. And there is a big difference between both because when the ego's is actually trying to convince you to do something, and it's forcing you manipulating you and controlling you, you will differentiate from the oral sorrows, energies and vibrations of other beings is very, very different than the end the equal vibration, is you have always been asking yourself, I would like to talk with an angel getting advice or getting into information that you were asking for. This is how we're going to do it. It have helped me tremendously. Learning how to channel in hepatitis, most of it, I don't know at all. But I know who know it all made nicaya that means they know way more than I do. So whenever I have a question and so forth, I just have to send through myself and start channeling and you can do it 24 hours a day. You can do it anytime that day. There is no rules and regulations of this neither the rules and regulations comes from the ego. And when it comes to fears and most of it in believing in yourself, that you're not crazy that this is normal that every single human being has the potential to do it. Every single human being should already know how to do this channeling half human, a physical body was very sick made me understand what mistakes I was doing made me understand also what responsibilities I was not taking. So he has helped me tremendously my growth and if I want to know any questions is always helpful. The channeling aspects by yourself. This is Monica Ramirez, warrior of love.