Oct. 31, 2022

Contracts and Vows

Contracts and Vows

Have you ever felt that you are repeating the same story repeatedly and doing healing work intensely and still have the same results?

In this episode, yours truly will talk about  how we do contracts and vows, what a spiritual contract means, and how we can dissolve it.  And most importantly, how we can stop making contracts so we can become Free!!

About the Host:

Monica Ramirez/ Warrior of Love is a Transformational Belief Coach, I help support you to awaken to happiness and personal power from the struggle and confusion to feeling free, happy, and powerful.

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (N.L.P.) I am a Certified Beyond Quantum Healer (B.Q. H.) Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Record, Psychic Channeler from the Family of the Light and my Higher Self Maia, Tarot Reader, Channel Readings, and artists.

The founder of "Path to the Heart", my signature Transformational System. I work with people coaching them one on one and in groups.


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ST Intro/Outro:

Welcome friends, to the Soul Talk Podcast, a show where whisper uncover the path of the heart, amplifying your conscience. Join me, as we meet incredible souls who are in this journey and learn from their experience, and different methods that will make you vibrate your heart. Let's get into it.

Monica Ramirez:

What is a contract, you may ask? I have a spiritual contract. And we all do every day, or almost very often. And we have done it every single second of our date. Remember, when you gotten married the first time or you were in love with someone, the majority do, we all have. And we say, I will always love this person. That's as a contract that you're dreaming that moment or about. And or just say, I will never do something like that. Or I will never do something like that when you're judging people. When you're judging people, that's when we tend to do more contracts of balance. Because when you're saying, I will never do that, I will, words are so magical. And we forget our words are so magical. And we're creating the word reality, according to whatever speaking. So, and the majority of the time, we're not even aware when we're speaking about what we're saying. And that's where we're creating. Or I wanted to talk also about, we talk about what is the courts because those are very important to the contract. So the bows are basically our times when we are saying when we're more very emotional, and it can be in love, or it can be angry, or it can be sad, any kind of emotion can bring, you can make a contract with a bow. And that's where we have to be at where we're, we're emotional before you say something.

Monica Ramirez:

First, stop, breathe, before you say it. Because in that moment, you're creating a bow, or a contract. And the funny part with the contracts in the bowels of spiritual contracts and bows, it goes not only from this time, we have done it repeatedly, in past lives, too. So we can be aware of the ones we're doing right now. But we forgot about the ones with impasse lives too. So they can go for about an audit contract saying I would always would do something like that, or I will never have luck with me, I will always will be single, or I will be remember like the like the nouns that when they do the bow of or priesthood, they do the vow of chastity. And now in this timeline, they say Why can never find love, why nobody never loved me or so forth? Well, they did a bow of chastity. And those, they didn't even know ritual. So why you're in this timeline, you're having so much trouble about it.

Monica Ramirez:

Let me tell you a little bit of one of my stories. I got pregnant when I was 18 years old, as the same mass my mother, she was 18 years old when she got married. And when she got when she kept her first kid aside it. Those are family contracts. And also, when I was 37, I got pregnant again, when my last child, as my mother did also, when she was 37. We follow the same patterns of our parents subconsciously. Because obviously, if someone told me now that you're gonna get pregnant at 18 years old was I will laugh and say, of course, I'm not ready to have a kid at 18 or less, have a kid at 37 and two for that. I did not plan the both of them. And obviously, I got pregnant. But we tend to do the same things and repeat the same mistakes. So we're parents subconsciously because we tend to repeat the same parents missing contracts. So my mother always kept say to us, oh, we tend to repeat the same parents and guess what their accounts. I was the youngest one and I heard it so many times in my life that I did that I did. I did got pregnant at the same time as she did because she created that contract with me because we had a cord between mother and daughter. And that was a chord that we had between both of us. And that's why he repeats. Now it's up to me that I did also write work to Korean that code and that contract. So my daughter did not get pregnant when she's 18 years old, and do the same mistakes that I did. I'm not saying that she can have no have kids or not, she wants to she can be she don't want to she don't. But that will be her choice. I know we imposed by a controller about or our code. And we have when mother and daughter, you'll see how this works.

Monica Ramirez:

The majority of the time, we say so many things that we forget where it comes out of our mouth. So we have to be aware of all this kind of things, because there is a big role playing in our family. Or I will always will be with my family. And guess what, you're never got out, or you're never gonna go away, or you try to go away, but then you feel guilty, and then you come back. And those are becomes also programs, but at the same time, because our contracts and bows, that he turned up becoming aware what patterns you are following. And you're not aware of that contract, you can learn how to cut it. And the majority of the time, we don't even know we would have done that. Until we start repeating the patterns of why I always happen to this happened to me why I always choose the same kind of men, why are you always choose, I can't get away from my family, I move far away, and then they come back, I happen to meet you. I was born and one of the contracts were like this coming here I was gonna be I was in charge of taking care of my parents to the last day of their dates. And they stayed for 52 years, taking care of my parents during the the sense that I was taking care of them like a baby that I would never would have left away, I never left and it was stay in the same place in the same city. And every time I left, I can move for a year to Los Angeles in that time, I was missing like crazy, my mother and I have to come back and I was feeling guilty for even try to defer when I was doing already my life over there with my husband, etcetera, etcetera. So I came back and move far away to study. And it was easy to manipulate me to come back home. Why? Because I was following that pattern that contract that I have done with them. And it was repeated over and over and over. And that creates a program, a program from that contract. So that will make it more intense. At the same time.

Monica Ramirez:

When we become aware of those patterns that were repeating, or the same thoughts, or what came out from our mouth, when I say I will never I will always would hate that person. I will always say that all men are like this. And that's why I don't trust them. Well, guess what, if you have kids, at the same time, you're doing the same contracts and the same house. And you have male kids, and you're getting old man, is what you're you know, so that's your same time and your own and your own science. So we need to be aware when it comes out from our mouth.

Monica Ramirez:

So I hope this is helpful. Because this is very important that we learn to stop before we talk to can be breath, take it to your stomach. And let it out. Before we speak. Because or else, we're going to continue repeating the same story. And if you're tired of doing that, is change it. We can change anything. Even the contracts the Vows, even the course we can call them up.

Monica Ramirez:

The courts are another way also to gain a court. It is when you have when you have sex with someone, when you have six foot zone when you fall in love with a person. And then you can feel the exchange of love that is changing between both of them because energy does meet like that. You're creating a bat code with that person. And what happened when they finish that relationship. What happened? Well, you still have that chord with that person. So you need to cut it off and send those two parts with love to each other. There are many techniques and many ways that I teach my students to do. So like that they they know how to code, the contracts and the boughs. And the courts sexually, emotionally in many, many courts that way greengage. So, become aware of that. And if you want more information, I'm going to be teaching a six month program activating your multi dimensional energy and in diversionary teaching about all this and more. So if you want more information, just contact me. But the basically what I wanted to talk in this video is become aware and seek before you talk. Thank you very much. This is Monica Ramirez, Warriow of Love.