July 19, 2017

Meet the Creator of HR.com

Meet the Creator of HR.com
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Debbie McGrath is the CEO and Chief Instigator of HR.com; the largest platform for human resource professionals. In this week’s episode of Secrets of Success, Debbie McGrath is Dr. Keis's guest. She challenges us to remain true to our passions and convictions, even when others may have negative opinions about how we live our lives. She also discusses how she managed to become and remain a top performing professional in the midst of corporate gender bias. As a forerunner in the area of internet branding and marketing, Debbie shares with us why it is crucial to be an original thinker, and how we can be the same. The status quo is a hard thing to go up against. Debbie teaches us why it’s crucial to be innovative and go against the grain at times in the work place. Whether you are a top executive or an entry level employee, there’s tons to take away from this episode. What are the two qualities that Debbie looks for when hiring? What is the role of HR today, and how should it change? There is a lot of gray area when it comes to the role of the Human Resources department. Debbie and Dr.Keis discuss how a well-functioning HR team has the power and influence to make a difference in the work place, and the world at large. Tune in now!