March 10, 2017

Legally Protecting Your Internet Business with Heather Pearce Campbell

Legally Protecting Your Internet Business with Heather Pearce Campbell

Since the invention of the Internet, a lot of people have taken advantage of the accessibility and convenience that this innovation brings. Because of this, more people chose to conduct their business online, but with this new method of trade also comes some challenges that concern not only the safety and security of the consumers, but also of the online business.

 Today’s guest is a lawyer and legal coach based in Seattle, Washington. Heather Pearce Campbell offers legal information and services in Washington and provides legal coaching for small businesses and entrepreneurs around the country.

On today’s episode, Heather shares the risks that online businesses are in and the means to protect the company. Since more than half of all businesses had to deal with data breach in 2016 alone, the legal rules involving cyber security has also evolved quickly. It is important to be aware of the ways that online businesses can protect themselves from fraudulent transactions and hacking.


Cyber security insurance policies are the fastest growing insurance policy right now.” – Heather Pearce Campbell


In This Episode of Real Money Talks: 

  • How hacking works as a group that makes small businesses as prone to hacking as big companies
  • The significant risks of online businesses
  • How having terms and conditions play a big part in protecting your intellectual property
  • How the “right click” on the Terms of Use or License Agreement before any purchase can stand up in court and save you from a lot of trouble
  • What a Friendly Fraud is and how you can set up different levels of protection from this
  • How a Privacy Policy protects you if you get hacked


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