Feb. 5, 2022

Cultural Chameleon Episode 9 - Atlantic City, NJ USA

Cultural Chameleon Episode 9 - Atlantic City, NJ USA
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Cultural Chameleon Travel Podcast with Rod Desch

Sometimes the flavors of yesterday can dictate the ingredients for today's passion. This episode gives Rod the opportunity to speak with a New Jersey native Julie Riga, who authored the book "Stay on Course" which highlights the life and unfinished legacy of her father Ennio Riga.


Rod & Julie discuss the Atlantic City, NJ culture of yesterday and a today as seen through her eyes. Julie also tells the story about how her father, an Italian immigrant, forged his successful career as a chef in an Atlantic City resort restaurant, Capriccio. Julie gives a secret recipes for her fathers tomato sauce, and also the secrets of leaving a legacy.


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