Have a desire to travel, eat and sleep like a local? The Cultural Chameleon Podcast provides valuable insight and suggestions on travel locations around the globe, by inviting guests who have lived and/or travelled to each place of interest. Listen to host Rod Desch explore different regions of the world and learn how to experience them like a local. The Podcast offers you unique information for traveling off the beaten path. He explores traditions, cuisines, and native treasures that are a must-see if you are not the "all-inclusive" type of vacationer. He also places a focus on hiking, biking, and all things relating to our natural environment. Join Rod Desch weekly as he explores the ins and outs of traveling the world. You will have the ability to hear stories of people from around the world. You will receive tips on how to travel on a budget OR hear access to companies that make your travel experience extravagant. Either way, you will receive an insider's perspective on travel to each location by connecting with travel experts. For more information on this podcast or to suggest a destination for travel check out Rod Desch's website and drop him a message.Travel Podcast | Cultural Chameleon With Rod Desch (lifeofaculturalchameleon.com)Each episode allows you to go on a journey that will offer you the experience to travel with Rod and learn more about the best and worst of what this world has to offer. Decide for yourself if you're up for the trip. Rod Desch is committed to taking you on a journey that allows you to discover the world.   Rod will drive the bus but, you have to take the steps out the door into the schoolyard.