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Puerto Rico-La Isla del Encato
I love this episode. Maybe a bit bias as I’m Puerto Rican. However, was an absolute wonderful show. Without going on vacation this podcast makes me feel as I’m traveling all the time and learning new things always!

Love the Pod!
Excellent Podcast! The guests are awesome and the questions are great!

Where Are We Going Next?
This is a gem. Thank you for opening my mind Rod! Keep ‘em coming

The Rick Steves Of Podcasting
I love this podcast . Rod is a master guide taking us on the trip of a lifetime 🙏 Thank you Rod.

Transported To Amazing Locations In Every Episode
Rod is an amazing host and this is my favorite podcast! Rod digs deep and takes you on the road less traveled. Great travel tips and amazing podcast! 🔆

Cultural Chameleon Podcast 5 ✨
Inspiring, motivational and thoroughly informational! Check out this podcast! A deep rooted perspective based on the love of travel and passion for learning about various cultures and by way of exploration!

Engage Your Wanderlust!
Listening to Rob will engage your wanderlust and get you planning your next vacation -- or perhaps encourage you to become an expat and live somewhere completely foreign and new. I LOVE THIS!