March 13, 2022

Cultural Chameleon Episode 11 - What To Do In Peru

Cultural Chameleon Episode 11 - What To Do In Peru
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Cultural Chameleon Travel Podcast with Rod Desch

Have you dreamt of visiting the South American country of Peru? Machu Picchu likely comes to mind and is only the tip of the iceberg of the available opportunities in this country, which is about 3 X the size of California. When it comes to this country rooted in Incan culture, it's offering spans land touched by the mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon River basin. This country is an absolute dreamland for environmentally conscious traveler.

In an effort to educate travelers on everything Peru has to offer, Rod's guest on this episode has extensive knowledge on travel coordination to the entire continent of South America. Riva Bacquet who is the COO of SA Expeditions will give us a look inside of what a trip to Peru could offer you on a future visit. Through the efforts of her company, which has been certified as a B-CORP (you'll learn more about that in the episode), that offsets the environmental impact of travel through coordinated efforts. SA Expeditions provides tailor-made travel sustainable travel that provides you with a laser focused experience within each region they serve, based on your desires.

Walk the Great Inca Trail, see pink river dolphins in the Amazon or even go sandboarding.... Grab your Pisco Sour (that's a the National drink of Peru) and pop in your earbuds for a trip to Peru, only with the Cultural Chameleon's host, Rod Desch.

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