Dec. 11, 2021

Cultural Chameleon Episode 4 - Door County, Wisconsin USA

Cultural Chameleon Episode 4 - Door County, Wisconsin USA
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Cultural Chameleon Travel Podcast with Rod Desch

In this Episode Rod and his guest Julie Lokun help listeners discover the best of Door County, Wisconsin.  This unknown stretch of land is a nature lovers dream, with small vibrant fishing villages dotting the landscape.  This Peninsula offers up endless choices of cheese, unique dining locations, culinary treats, and maritime fun.   Whether you arrive in the heart of summer when the lavender fields are in bloom or in the blustery days of winter when the lake entirely freezes over, this gem offers you the space to relax and unwind from the hustle of daily life.  

Julie spent all of her summers in this rural Wisconsin landmass surrounded by Lake Michigan.  Julie is a Health and Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Media Queens publishing,  and co-founder of a new Podcast community Femcasters, which offers education and insight so that each Woman's (and Man's) voice can be heard.  

Places Mentioned in Episode: 

Al Johnsons- Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, Butik & Stabbur (

Wilsons Ice Cream Shop: Wilson's Restaurant & Ice Cream – Door County | Historic restaurant and ice cream parlor in beautiful Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin. (

Bearded Heart Cafe: Bearded Heart Coffee

Peninsula State Park: Peninsula State Park | Wisconsin DNR

Whitefish Dunes State Park: Whitefish Dunes State Park (

Turbulence Forecast: Turbulence Forecast

Experience Door County: Destination Door County | Door County, Wisconsin