Feb. 17, 2024

Emotional & Trauma Recovery - Becca Williams (#228)

Becca Williams is a seasoned emotions therapist and plant medicine facilitator, with expertise in emotional and trauma recovery.


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Bio of Becca Williams:

Becca Williams is a seasoned emotions therapist and plant medicine facilitator, with expertise in emotional and trauma recovery. Her focus extends to psychedelic integration, psilocybin microdosing, and providing cannabis-assisted support to break negative emotional cycles. Through her Emotional Liberation workshops, immersive retreats, and masterclass courses, Becca seamlessly blends ancient healing modalities with Western neuroscience, promoting a holistic integration of inner and outer life experiences. As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and a certified Emotions Facilitator, Becca brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. With a passion for plant medicine advocacy and activism, she has served as a group facilitator, speaker, and mentor, contributing to personal and collective transformation for over two decades.



What we Discussed:


- Who is Becca Williams (1 min) - We can't heal with the mind (4:30 mins)


- Emotion Liberation ( 8 mins)


- Micro Dosing (9 mins)


- Who created emotional liberation ( 10 mins)


- How words can effect your plants (14 mins)


- Why groups sessions are more benefical (19 mins)


- Should the facilitator microdose ( 22 mins)


- Be careful where you buy your Cannabis ( 27 mins)


- Is Cannabis addictive (31 mins)


- Can you get addicted to Micro Dosing ( 34 mins)


- Being triggered by Silent Meditations (36 :45 mins)


- Ensuring that you do not let the traumas get too much during Breathwork ( 39 mins)


- Reincarnation (43 mins)


- Deep issues with adopted children ( 48 mins)


- Why medications might not be the best solution ( 50 mins)


- Our Trauma is held in the 3rd Chakra causing digestive issues (53 mins)


and more


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