Feb. 3, 2024

17 Mins to More Clarity - Bradley Charbonneau (#226)

17 Mins to More Clarity - Bradley Charbonneau (#226)

Bradley Charbonneau kindly gave me this Meditation 17 Minutes to more Clarity. Be sure to check out the interview I had with Bradley Episode #225


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About Bradley Charbonneau :

Bradley Charbonneau spent 9 years "dreaming" his dream until one day on November 1, 2012, when he finally took tiny, daily action towards his dream. Then he started living his dream.




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Bradley Charbonneau

Author, Speaker, Coach

Bradley Charbonneau wrote zero books before he wrote his first book. Then he wrote 34 more. Did you catch that? We all start somewhere and it only matters that you compare yourself of today with yourself of yesterday.