July 18, 2021

#47 Releasing the Blockages - Grace Asagra, MA,RN

#47 Releasing the Blockages - Grace Asagra, MA,RN

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In this Episode from Grace

I am happy to share one of my most powerful consciousness meditation tool.

This practice is intertwined and interwoven in my life.  It is not just a daily practice.  I use it in any moment to keep me moving forward in reclaiming and living my original DNA blueprint.  I learned this from Dr. Jere Dugenio  and I am thankful that he has been so generous for sharing one of the many profound Base 12 Consciousness practices that is so freeing and particularly important in these trying times."


Lotus Breath

Code -Chant

Love to all of you from Grace

QUANTUM NURSE - Grace Asagra, RN,MA  Hilot       

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