April 24, 2023

#171 Welcome to the rabid whole - Jillian Lynn Zbleski

#171 Welcome to the rabid whole - Jillian Lynn Zbleski
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Music Meditation Welcome to the rabid whole - Jillian Lynn Zbleski

I interviewed Jillian on Episode #169

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Bio of Jillian:

I am a reformed skeptic and cynic of life who embraces it all- the good, the bad, the hard, and the ugly. I have done quite the 180 from living the carefree gypsy lifestyle to get to where I am today, as a certified meditation teacher and mindfulness seeker, who still loves a little mischief now and again. I am continuously navigating this nonlinear journey down the rabid.whole of existence with a humorous and sarcastic edge. I love to share my story and learn and grow with all the other high vibin' roller coaster riders of life!

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