April 10, 2023

#160 The Healthier way to Eat, Sleep & Meditate - Ambika Devi

#160 The Healthier way to Eat, Sleep & Meditate - Ambika Devi
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Bio of Ambika:

Ambika's expert knowledge of taming the mind and engaging storytelling gives audiences effective tools that prove they can change neural pathways and their stinkin’ thinkin’. She has appeared on TLC-The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, NY Public access television and TEDx AUBG. Often a recurring guest on podcasts and vlogcasts, Ambika taught holistic health at the university level for 21 years. With 46 years of experience, 13,350 plus hours of study and having taught over 20,000 people the art of meditation, Ambika gives audiences tools that lead you directly into a deep state of meditation.

What we Discussed:

- How to Stay Young

- Experimenting with Vegan / Vegetarian and Meat eater

- Avurveda

- Parasites

- What Meditation is about

- The toxins in Makeup and other products we use

- Ensure the Water you use is the best quality

- The way to put your hand when meditating and why some are doing it wrong

- Her Course 'Sleep Envy'

- Paying attention to your excrement and urine

and more

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