March 24, 2023

#153 Understanding Kundalini Yoga - Amrit Singh

#153 Understanding Kundalini Yoga - Amrit Singh
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Bio of Amrit:

Amrit Singh has been studying Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years. His foundation was laid in Germany in the early 90s. Amrit Singh then decided to move to India and dedicate his life’s work to help build and grow Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar for 20 years. There he lived with his beautiful wife Ananda Kaur from Mexico and his two kids, while he served as Director of Residential Life. Having completed his time in India, he recently moved to Mexico. During all these years his true passion has always been in helping people through 1-1 coaching with a special focus on supporting people to create financal freedom while doing what they love.

What we Discussed:

- Why he started wearing a turbine and growing a beard

- His journey in India, USA, Mexico from Germany

- Kundalini Yoga

- Changes in your electro magnetic field

- How zoom is helping with deep connection coaching

- Feeling the energy in different countries

- Miri Piri Academy

- The importance of Diet depending on your circumstances

- Amrit's daily routine

- Sun Gazing

- Grounding

- Plant Medicine Addiction

and more

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