March 11, 2023

#151 Understanding Dark Energies - Alida Morrill

#151 Understanding Dark Energies - Alida Morrill

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Bio of Alida:

Alida has been helping people get and stay balanced for over 12 years.  She ensures that their energy is clear of all contaminants and especially non-beneficial energies.  These energies are very common in our world and most people are unaware of them. The most important aspect of Alida's processes is that she helps her clients rid their minds of stinking thinking...something that can bewilder any one of us.

What we Discussed:

- Energy Coach for 13 years

- Understanding Dark Energies

- Teaching Positive thoughts

- Satanic Ritual Abuse

- Grounding

- Encrypted Energies

- The good V's the Evil

- Super Bowl demonic ads

- Oscars demonic show

- Energy through the computer games

- Minecraft

- Her Future Book

and more

How to Contact Alida:


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