Dec. 21, 2022

#130 Energy Clearing Meditation - Angel Pretot

#130 Energy Clearing Meditation - Angel Pretot

This Meditation has been shared by my previous guest Angel Pretot Episode No.129

About my Guest:

Angel Pretot is a French learning coach and online entrepreneur. Through his coaching and courses, he helps English speakers learn French fast, become fluent and live their best, international life.

After a master’s degree and 15 years of teaching and coaching French learners, he is still obsessed with improving the methods he uses. He loves seeing his students learn faster and better, and create wonderful lives for themselves. He now lives in Vienna, Austria, and he has been through all the expat struggles too.

Besides that,  he's an actual Frenchman who loves cheese, coming from a monolingual French family who’s still wondering what’s wrong with him, moving abroad, learning five languages to fluency and running an online business rather than just getting a job!

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