Oct. 16, 2022

#113 Finding Your Inner Power - TeZa Lord

#113 Finding Your Inner Power - TeZa Lord

About my Guest:

Author of 4 nonfiction books. Featured on No BS Spiritual Book Club. Lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner, adventurer, nature freak. Spreading Love energy is my thing. Defying the dark and negative, my aim. Sure aim with strong arrows. Cohost of ZLORD, a years-long spiritual podcast. Check out my YouTube channel for many meditative Mind-Stillers. I help others uplift, after having freed myself from negative bonds of self-destructive addictions. Life is a Mystery. I'm passionate and on FIRE about Love, not politics being the solution to society’s ills. Consciousness revolution, in other words, is my bugle call. Body-Mind-Spirit alignment: check! Helping others: check! Join my Army of Love at tezalord.com My motto:. Love is the weapon of mass illumination.

What we Discussed:

- How Yoga & Meditation Keep Teza young

- Finding the right teacher

- Plant medicine

- Tapping into consciousness

- The Responsibility to Heal Yourself

- TeZa's own healing journey

- Lucid Dreaming

- Her 5 Books

and more

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