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Oct. 13, 2023

Uncover Your Hidden Sabotage: How to Shift Your Mindset for Success, episode 122

EP 122. You're driven, but are you unknowingly self-sabotaging yourself? Break through mental barriers to achieve success. When it comes to work or personal goals, do you want it or really WANT it? How to shift your mindset for success. Sarah shares the tough observation from her husband that resulted in her own success epiphany, and realization that she's been making excuses the last 13 year when it comes to her wellness journey. Listen to see if you're doing the same thing in your life. 



  • Achieve goals by starting now, not later.

  • The hard truth Sarah's husband told her. It stung, but was true.

  • How it sunk in after 13 years of making excuses for herself

  • Importance of mindset in achieving goals

  • The difference between wanting it and WANTING it-- when it comes to your personal and professional goals.

  • Hiring knowledgeable coaches helps you excel faster. 



Marketers don’t have enough time to do content marketing well. Sarah Panus helps you check storytelling projects off your marketing to-do list using 20 years of frameworks and methods, so you get your time back while confidently engaging new + existing customers.


It shouldn’t feel like you’re falling behind because you can’t get your content work done. Sarah understands how hard it is to juggle your demands. Clients: Sleep Number, Starbucks, LegalZoom, Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, Nestle Waters, Lindt Chocolate, American Heart Association, Alta Tech, King Technology, Christos Bridal, LegalZoom, etc.


She’s a brand storytelling consultant, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy® (top 5% of all marketing podcasts), Certified StoryBrand Guide, and owner of Kindred Speak® consulting. Sarah works with clients by either doing the work for them through her freelance consulting services; OR, coaching them to think like Editorial Content Directors in one of her online courses. Visit to learn more.